Shipping From China to the US

When shipping from China to the US, you have a few options. One option is to use air freight. This method of shipping requires a much shorter shipping time than ocean freight, which can take from thirty to sixty days. Another option is to use sea freight, which is the cheapest and fastest option for shipping from China.

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Sea freight

In today’s market, you will find several shipping options for transferring your cargo from China to the US. You can choose from air freight, sea freight, or a combination of both. These shipping options will allow you to get your goods to the US in a variety of timeframes. For example, you can choose to deliver your cargo from China to the west coast of North America, or to the east coast of the US. These shipping methods may vary, but each of them offers advantages and benefits for the seller and buyer.

Sea freight from China to the US is not as difficult as you might think. If you start at least 15 days in advance, you will have plenty of time to prepare your shipment. Once you have completed the customs declaration in China, the ship should arrive in the US about 30 or 40 days after it leaves China. Depending on your shipping method, the duration may vary: shipping from China to the East Coast takes 23 to 25 days, while shipping from China to the West Coast takes thirteen to 15 days.

Air express

Shipping your goods from China to the US can be easy with an air express service. This is the fastest way to ship your small and medium-sized goods. In addition to being faster, air freight services are also less expensive than ocean freight services. If you’re shipping large goods, you may want to choose sea freight, which will take about 30 to 40 days.

Air freight services offer several advantages over other shipping methods, and they’re especially useful if you’re shipping under 500 kilograms or need them to be in the US within 30 days. For example, if you’re shipping goods from two different cities in China, you can combine them into one shipment, de-consolidate them at a warehouse in Guangzhou, and ship them separately in five days to one of the destinations in the US. Alternatively, if you’re shipping to a single destination, air freight can ship your goods to a central location, like Nashville, Tennessee.

Ocean shipping + UPS

If you need to ship products from China to the US, you can use ocean shipping + UPS to send them across the Pacific. This combination of air and ocean transportation has a number of advantages over conventional container shipping. It is also faster than inland truck container transporting. This combination is often chosen by Amazon FBA warehouses, as it allows for faster handling and easier product management.

Both shipping methods are relatively affordable and speedy. The cost depends on the size of your shipment, its weight, and the time it will take to reach the US. Transit times can vary based on the location, season, and market conditions, among other things.


When shipping from China to the United States, FedEx is a great choice. This company is known for its fast and reliable service. The standard shipping time to the US from China is about five days. However, if you need your package faster, you may want to consider DHL shipping instead. This shipping method takes a bit longer but is still quite reliable.

FedEx offers a variety of express transportation services, including time-definite and day-definite. You can also choose from domestic or international economy delivery. For more information, check out FedEx’s rate sheet or rate tool.

Fulfillment centers

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of shipping is to use fulfillment centers. These companies can be located in many different countries and can offer a variety of logistical services. They can also ensure that the products are in compliance with customs and maritime transport requirements. These companies also offer value-added services that help businesses save money.

The best fulfillment centers will also offer pick, repackaging, and shipping tracking. They will provide personalized service for your customers and can handle your e-commerce business efficiently. They also provide inventory control and development services, thereby ensuring that your products get the highest level of customer satisfaction. Most importantly, they will be capable of providing accurate global delivery and prompt dispatch.

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