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Selling a House in Texas (2022)

When you’ve never done it before, selling a house seems intimidating. Before you even sell the house, there are many procedures, laws, and items to take care of. You can save 5%–6% of the commission costs by selling your house without a realtor in Texas. There will be fewer obstacles in your way, and it will be simpler for you to submit an offer when you deal directly with a buyer.

Steps for Selling a property in Texas.

Here are the steps for selling property in Texas.

Texas’s Prime Real Estate Season

When selling your house, time can often be a deciding factor. Texas residents should sell their homes during June since more deals close this month than any other year.

Choose a Selling Strategy

Although it might seem obvious, options regarding how you wish to sell your home are available. Choosing the most reasonable solution for you and your particular circumstance is crucial because it will impact everything else.

Make use of a real estate agent. 

A real estate agent will know how to sell homes and handle all the paperwork and negotiations on your behalf. You can get guidance on the local housing market, costs, and positioning tactics from a seasoned real estate agent.

An agent receives a commission charge of 5 to 6% of the home’s final sale price in exchange for their services. You’ll probably also be liable for various closing costs and fees throughout the process. You can choose realtors with low commissions, such as Houzeo.

Sell Your House Directly in Texas

One way to avoid paying the expensive realtor commissions in Texas is to sell your house “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). Without a listing agent, it’s a do-it-yourself approach. Sellers are in complete control of the process, but they are required to handle all documentation independently.

Set the appropriate price

Homeowners must set a fair price for their homes based on current market conditions. Let’s thoroughly understand how to price a house correctly in Texas. Fewer purchasers will show interest in the overpriced property if you list your home at a price far higher than market trends. It is recommended to price your home slightly above or below the going rate to seal the deal as soon as possible.

Create Curb Appeal & Declutter

Even though you might think your house is perfect, it won’t matter once it’s up for sale. Clear the house of all debris first. Although you may appreciate your decor, they likely annoy clients. Remove any ornamental items to give customers the space they need to visualize their things. While you’re at it, silence your decor and try to keep everything as neutral as possible.

Listing your House on the MLS

The MLS helps homes sell more quickly and for a higher price. To gain access to the MLS, you can deal with low-cost real estate agents in Texas. To list your Texas home in Texas, a Flat Fee MLS Company like Houzeo can be a very good choice. Houzeo will assist you in avoiding the expensive broker commission and maximizing your home’s exposure.

Marketing your House

When you advertise your house, there are a few things you should think about to make it stand out. First, employ a professional photographer and house stager to ensure that it stands out visually. Hiring a photographer alone will be beneficial. A property listing with professional images and one with mediocre photos varies greatly from one another. To encourage buyers to take a closer look, schedule an open house. Work with your discount real estate brokerages to ensure enough marketing and signage to guarantee attendance.

Think about your offers and negotiate

You can pick the purchaser with the best chance of getting full lender approval. Alternatively, you might let other bidders contend with one another for the right to raise the sale price.

Please keep looking for financing pre-approval, documentation of available money, prospective concessions, payment method, buyer restrictions, or time constraints. On paper, certain buyers can seem more desirable than others, but you should still do your research to be sure. If you pick the wrong path, you risk wasting time and money.

Getting Pre-Approval

Before listing your home, ensure it complies with all applicable zoning laws and Commercial Building Code standards. A real estate agent can assist you in determining whether your property satisfies these criteria and complete the necessary paperwork.

Disclosure Statements

The acceptance of three different disclosures, the contents of which are provided below, is the most important consideration when selling a home in Texas.

Seller’s Disclosure Notice

The property’s known problems, including those with the appliances and other fixtures, are listed in a disclosure form.

Lead Paint Disclosure

Federal law requires the seller of any home before 1978 to disclose any potentially lead-based paint dangers.

Flood Zone Statement

Before accepting a buyer’s mortgage, the mortgage lender may request a Flood Risk Report for the property. This statement is relevant to mortgages that the government guarantees.

Mandatory Documents

According to Texas law, you must give the buyer specific disclosures before closing. These are intended to highlight various issues with the property that may have an impact on its value or desirability.

Texas Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement

The Deed

Statement of Closing Costs

Bill of Sale

Certificate of Title

Additional Documents

HOA forms

Loan Payoff

Home Inspection

Survey papers

Repairing Proof

Closing Disclosure

Home Warranty

Power of Attorney

Correction Agreement


Take up the Offer

You’ve agreed to the proposal. But you’re not quite done. The buyer now has the opportunity to inspect the house. The funding will be completed, and the underwriting phase will begin if they are satisfied with the inspection. To approve the loan, their lender must now conduct its due diligence on the buyer and the purchase agreement.


If you pay close attention during these phases, selling yourself can help you save money and maintain control over the deal. You can focus your time and effort on selling your house because you are simply handling your listing.

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