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Procedures of Climate Solutions for AC Repair Services

Winter is approaching. This is the best time to check the air conditioner and make sure it is working properly. Climate Solutions recommend that you use a professional AC repair or maintenance service from a professional Suleca service provider. If you don’t know the details of the AC repair or inspection service included, this article will help you.


Read step-by-step instructions for cleaning AC and hire a professional service provider through Suleka. Enjoy a generation of continuous, fresh, and clean air this summer.

Cleaning the air filter

The Climate Solutions main process associated with cleaning AC is to remove droplets from the air filter. The air filter of the air conditioner plays a major role in the distribution of outside air and functions as a large dust wall. If not properly cleaned. AC has problems with ice formation. However, Climate Solutions professional AC repair service provider will thoroughly clean and disinfect the filter. This will distribute the air without any problems.

Cleaning the condenser

AC air conditioners or evaporators produce the core of the air conditioner and are the main components of AC. These coils are located in AC cracks outside the house, making them susceptible to dust and other air pollutants. The Climate Solutions technician thoroughly cleans the package while performing an air conditioning cleaning service.

Drainage problem

Climate Solutions will check for air conditioner leaks. AC also drains cold water from the faucet. Technicians also check for damage to prevent leaks.

Cold test

Coolant levels must be maintained properly for AC to function effectively. It should not be too low or too high. The AC maintenance technician will ensure that the coolant level is set correctly. If the cooling rate is slower than necessary, the cooling temperature will be lower than normal and AC will stop cooling. Therefore, Climate Solutions are important to maintain the proper level of cooling.

Full-featured certification

After all, the main task of an AC technician is to ensure that all major components of AC are functioning properly. If there is a problem with some parts, they need to be thoroughly inspected and repaired. AC components such as compressors, fan motors, evaporators, air conditioners, thermostats, and air ducts. It needs to be checked thoroughly.


Need a professional air conditioner repair to check your air conditioner? Then visit the Climate Solutions Professional AC Repair Services website and contact your professional service provider.

Problems with water and gas leaks at AC

The most common AC problem is water and gas leaks. Let’s look at these two problems one by one.

The most common cause of leaks

  • Drainage-Dirt, debris, and dust can build up in the sewer and cause clogging. The technician removes, cleans, and replaces the drain hose. If the washing machine cannot be cleaned, the technician can use the vacuum cleaner to drink the clone and wash the faucet with water. Be sure to turn on AC when the tube dries.

  • Ice formation in steam coils-The problem is finding snow around the AC module, shaking, and near pipes. This indicates that the air conditioner is not working. Allow the expert to check the AC module. Do not turn on AC until the problem is resolved. This can cause permanent damage to the compressor. Ask a technician to replace your existing refrigerator with a better one. Climate Solutions helping to reduce electricity bills.

  • The drain hose works-If you install the air conditioner, it may start leaking after a few days or a month. This indicates that the load is incorrect. If inexperienced people install AC, they are not aware of the specific needs of your AC installation and may be malfunctioning.

Gas leak

Does your AC meet your expectations? Do you have a low fridge? The cause may be a gas leak or cooling. AC leaks are harmful to the health of the inhabitants. It spreads throughout the room and can make the resident sick.


When the technician arrives, he tries to figure out where the leak is. The gas detector can find the liquid. The flow can be both internal and external. If the pipe is dirty, there is internal damage. External leaks can be bad news for compressors. Climate Solutions added to the refrigerator help separate the liquid. Soap liquid comes out of the spilled liquid. The master excavated a place to close the sewer. If the damage is widespread, it may be necessary to replace the damaged part. 

Technicians sell damaged areas in high silver material


Instead of replacing the entire pipe or screw, you can weld new parts to replace damaged parts. In most cases, adjusting the windings and gas filling will solve the problem. Climate Solutions help repair the damage. Absorbs excess water and stops the flow. You also need to invest in the best gas for your particular room. The earlier the liquid is detected, the better the AC module. Be sure to check the gas status with the equipment during annual maintenance and AMC. Avoid going home with an air conditioner in the summer. Contact Climate Solutions to repair any AC leaks or leaks and turn off heating with good AC. 


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