Must-have Features for Online Learning App Development

Learning new things has never been easier than it is right now. As time goes on, the process of learning keeps evolving. After moving from the classroom to the internet, we’ve taken the next step to eLearning.

Many of the internet’s content is now accessed via mobile devices. It is why eLearning mobile apps have become so popular. For online learning app development, visit If you’re still not sure what to include in your eLearning mobile app, here is a list of vital features:

  • Exercises, Tests, and Quizzes: 

An excellent online learning program must contain assessments and quizzes. Teachers can determine if a student has a firm grasp of the material. The learner can be encouraged to continue their education as a result of this. The education app should provide assessments at the end of each class for clarity and a better understanding of concepts.

  • Games:

Gamification is the application of game-like concepts to non-game environments to increase user involvement. Game-based learning is another term for gamification in education. The following are examples of gamification elements:

  • Progress or activity in an app is indicated by the appearance and wording of badges and points.
  • Activities such as earning virtual currency can also be used in reward loops.

When implemented correctly, game mechanics can enhance the entire user experience and increase the likelihood of retention by making the app feel more enjoyable.

  • Set Up Class Times for Live Classes:

Use this app to schedule and conduct live classes and then upload video recordings of those classes. Video conferencing or voice calls for live classes allow students to speak with their instructors in real-time. In the future, they can use the class recordings to brush up on their knowledge.

  • Solve Questions Posted by Pupils:

Teachers need an online teaching tool to respond to students’ questions. A fantastic feature is that a course can be viewed anywhere and at any given moment.

However, if you cannot communicate with your teacher, it is of no help to you. Therefore, the most significant online education apps feature facilities that allow teachers to receive and resolve questions from their pupils.

  • Filters and Search Bars:

This app has many courses to choose from; students can’t go through each one to choose the one that best fits their needs.

As a result, a search feature is required for eLearning apps so that students can easily find the classes they want. The majority of well-known e-learning platforms provide:

  • Categories on the main page
  • Search boxes that allow users to type in keywords (By price, level, language, and other criteria)
  • Recommending to students’ courses that are related or those are the most popular.
  • Reporting regularly:

LMS’s reporting capabilities are one of its strongest suits. Using the reports, you may thoroughly see the students’ performance, commitments, and course completion.

The eLearning app must offer score and pass features so that students may evaluate their skills and prepare for upcoming exams based on the same. You can also provide your students with web-based resources to ensure they receive all the information they need to succeed.

  • Notes from the Course:

As a means of jotting down important points and ideas from class lectures, lesson notes are an invaluable resource for students. There is no longer any need to take notes on paper or utilize another tool to accomplish this. It may be more convenient for students to keep all their study resources in one spot.

  • Rooms for Impromptu Discussions:

Virtual classrooms can be divided into smaller groups by the teacher using breakout rooms to facilitate a learning activity such as a project or conversation. Students can work on the job in a smaller group, for example, in a language class, where they can practice speaking.

To keep tabs on the progress of the pupils and the quality of their work, the teacher can join any of the breakout rooms.

  • Online and Offline Content Support:

You can’t go wrong with this feature in your educational software. Thanks to this feature, users can download the course materials and retrieve them whenever they want. They don’t have to worry about slow internet connection as they can take Offline lectures. This allows them to concentrate on what matters – learning.


The right mix of technology and strategy is needed when developing an eLearning app for your users. All the essential features are listed above, but you should also keep an eye on the latest trends. Online learning app development is much easy now with

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