Complete Review of Magch Tablet

When you buy a new phone or any other device there are alot of factors that you consider such as battery timing and memory etc. and you always prefer that device that is affordable and has all features. Basically today we will discuss details of the Magch tablet. We will review all features and then tell you whether it’s a perfect fit for you or not. So without wasting much time let’s see the details.

Magch Tablet:

This tablet consists of an octa core processor and it has a fluid user  experience. It can fulfill all of your needs. It has all important features and you can download any app on this tablet. Let’s have a look at its features.


Magch tablet has a 10 inch screen that is fully functional and you can easily carry it in your pocket. Its high resolution screen enables you to study, watch and play games. It has strong battery health and you can use it for 11 hours straight. All important apps such as Netflix and Disney can be downloaded on this app. This is a powerful tablet that can work the same as your smartphone.

It has a 1080p full HD display and has resolution of 1920 into 1200. It has 64 gb storage capacity. You can also insert SD cards to get more storage.


Any smartphone can be rejected if it has poor battery health. But Magch has a 6000 MAH battery. You can also get FM radio, and built-in GPS that you can use without any battery issues. Moreover you will get Bluetooth and Wifi options. You can say that it’s an all purpose tablet.

Operating system:

Every person in today’s world is in search of a device that has top-notch performance. If you are one of those people then this tablet is for is android 11 OS  and has a 13 megapixel camera. You will already have google play through which you can download any app. You can perform multiple tasks at one time. It has a smooth user experience. You will get 64gb storage.

Camera and speakers:

One more important feature of any smartphone is the result of its camera. If it can click a good selfie people will automatically buy that device. The camera of Magch tablet has great performance. It has the best cameras that can click photos and capture your memories. If we talk about its speakers then they have high quality speakers. You can listen to songs for hours at full volume. There is no distortion in the sound quality. If you are looking for a device that can work for hours and without any issue then this tablet is absolutely for you.


In this article we have reviewed Magch tablet that has high resolution display, Wifi, Bluetooth, high quality camera, FM radio, Calculator and many other important apps. You can buy it for your children as well as for yourself too. It’s really easy to carry and use. All important details about this tablet have been shared above. I hope you like it.

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