Linux Shared Hosting: A Step by Step Guide


Every business owner desires to build a high reputation and a robust online presence for their businesses. Building a strong website is a simple and effective way to do so. Further, the Linux shared web hosting is the cheapest web hosting solution that offers smooth functionality and multiple benefits for hosting your website. It is an ideal choice to begin hosting your business website.

However, you have to find a dependable and right web hosting server for hosting your website successfully. A web hosting server makes your website available and accessible to Internet users. 

Although there are many choices available in the market, you can aim for the easy and cost-effective yet reliable option to kick start your business website. Cheap Linux shared hosting is one such prevalent and trustworthy web hosting platform. It comes with the required hosting environment and web resources you need for maintaining and boosting your website performance.  

In this guide, we will provide all the insights you must know about Linux shared hosting. Let’s start with understanding the meaning and functioning of shared web hosting. 

Linux Shared Hosting: Explained

Linux shared hosting is one of the popular types of web hosting solutions in the industry. It enables you to gain multiple accessible web services for your business website. 

The shared web hosting with Linux operating system running at the foundation is what we call Linux shared web hosting. It lets you share the same physical server space with various other users to host your website. 

Your business website makes use of required web resources that are shared among all the users residing on the same server. Sharing space and resources makes the cost of Linux shared hosting plans way cheaper than other web hosting services. 

Also, since Linux is an open-source operating system that is free to employ, it further reduces the overall hosting cost. Let’s jump into the subsequent section and learn further how cheap Linux shared hosting is different from other web hosting services. 

Difference Between Linux Shared Hosting and Other Web Hosting Services

The Linux shared hosting is the leading web hosting platform that business owners can utilize to host their website effectively. It provides a lot of benefits and needed resources such as bandwidth, random access memory, central processing unit, etc.

You can further upgrade your assigned web resources according to your online business demands. Mentioned following are the key reasons that suggest you must opt for shared hosting. At the same time, they highlight how shared hosting is different from other web hosting services. Let’s check them out! 

Why Should You Choose Linux Shared Hosting Servers

Why Should You Choose Linux Shared Hosting Servers


With the Linux shared hosting, you acquire an extensive range of favorably reliable web resources at the cheapest costs. It is highly cost-effective as you get access to the progressive features and advanced technology-based web resources at the most affordable pricing. 

The web hosts sell the Linux shared hosting plans much cheaper than other shared hosting plans because Linux operating system comes free of cost due to its open-source nature. 

No Technical Skills Needed

When you seek other web hosting solutions, you are required to possess technical skills to host and maintain your website. However, with shared hosting, you do not have to get bothered about technical problems and errors. 

Your web host takes the responsibility for all web hosting server-related functioning, operations, and maintenance. Thus, you get the privilege to easily run and handle your website without encountering any complexities. 

Built-in cPanel control panel

With other web hosting services such as virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting, you receive the control panel based on the server’s operating system. Whereas with the Linux shared server hosting, you acquire a cPanel control panel that enables you to smoothly handle your hosting environment. Moreover, you also get the ability to manage your website on your own without any expert guidance.

Data Security

Data security is among the crucial factors that business website owners take into consideration while picking any web hosting service. The shared server hosting with Linux operating system provides the best security patches that help keep your data safe and secure from unauthorized access and other cyber threats. 

Our recommendation for Linux shared hosting provider

Our recommendation for Linux shared hosting provider

To save your time and energy, let us recommend to you one of the highly renowned web hosts rendering the best Web hosting Services – Hostbillo

Hostbillo is the industry-leading web hosting company widely popular for providing high-grade Linux shared hosting plans at the cheapest possible costs. Moreover, you acquire the following excellent features with the company’s best-in-class Linux shared hosting servers:- 

  • 24/7 Customer and technical assistance via a team of experienced professionals and specialists 
  • Weekly data backup service
  • Free one-click installer
  • Advanced web panel
  • High-level data security measures
  • Free domain transfer
  • Unlimited professional email accounts
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Highly scalable web resources


Linux shared server hosting is the most reliable, feasible, and simple web hosting solution. It helps you host your website with utmost ease. You do not have to take charge of the web hosting server as your web host is responsible for everything from server monitoring to maintenance. 

Further, you can obtain the most suitable and cheap Linux shared hosting plan for your business website from Hostbillo. 

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