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A laser is used to mark silicon wafers prior to manufacturing. By using a concentrated light beam, laser machines permanently mark semiconductor packages. Through light amplification and stimulated emission, lasers focus and direct light. During manufacturing, programmable laser marking machines can be used to track wafers. In order for machines to read laser markings on wafers, they must be able to read them. The underlying processes cannot be affected or damaged by marks, so a finely detailed mark is also necessary. For this, a laser with an extremely high level of precision is required. You can find laser information on

Silicon wafers: how are they made?

In order to identify silicon wafers, laser marks are applied to them. Semiconductors are used in the construction of electronic devices. Despite their flat surfaces, silicon wafers resemble disks because of their rounded edges and mirror-like surfaces. When laser marking silicon wafers, extreme caution is required due to the impurity-free nature of the material.

An Introduction to Laser Marking

It is necessary for computers to mark silicon wafers. Wafers are mapped onto documents during this step. During this step, a document is created with an image of the wafer.

You can see your data being translated into silicon if you look at it from the other side of the screen. Wafers may be fed into the laser marking machine after it has been properly set up. It is mechanically handled by a hand to bring the wafer to the marking station. In this process, there is no need for human interaction. Upon finding the target location, the machine emits a laser beam onto the surface of the water. In the receiving area, the project can be removed from the box once the process is complete.

Laser marking: benefits


It is a highly effective method of manufacturing wafers because laser marking provides a high degree of precision. Using advanced technology, the company captures even the smallest details with great accuracy and reliability. Computers are able to read the markings on silicon wafers, which allows them to track them.


Fast, precise, and highly accurate are some of the advantages of lasers marking. Silicon wafers can be stacked, marked, and laser marked within minutes. There are no marks left on the metal surface after lasers annealing, which is a slower process than other marking methods.

A single layer exists

When lasers marking is performed on a surface, silicon is not lost. When a lasers beam is applied, it simply changes color under the surface. There is no damage to silicon.

As much as possible, automate processes

Throughout the process, automation is used. They have no need to be interacted with by users.
A mechanical arm picks up silicon wafers and moves them within a machine for mechanical arms to mark them. Thus, lasers marking machines cannot interact with wafers once they change color, so they are 100% safe to use. This reduces errors by a great deal. By reducing human error, you can save money.

Lasers are a non-contact engraving method (no tools to wear or break), so from the first serial number to the last, the character definition and depth will be flawless regardless of material hardness.  Laser marking systems are reliable and rugged, simple to program and cost less than one dollar per hour to operate.

Identification text, serial numbers, corporate logos, 2-D data matrix, bar coding, graphic and digital images, or any individual process data can be produced with laser marking.

  • Logos, certification symbols, barcodes, serial codes, and 2-D data matrix code
  • Simple custom text, serial numbers, bitmaps, graphic and CAD-files (HPGL)
  • Marking and cutting of foils and light-gauge steel sheets (i.e., labels) in one cycle
  • Rapid marking on precious metals with heat-sensitive materials
  • Mark, polish, anneal and etch with one machine
  • Plastic materials: day & night design for items such as mobile phone keyboards, dashboards, and other illumination components for aerospace and automotive markets
  • Set up custom jobs quickly and easily.

For over 50 years, LaserStar Technologies Corporation has provided our clients with the best of American designed and manufactured technologies to increase productivity and profitability.  We understand that you do indeed have a choice in today’s global market, and we take our relationship with our extended family of clients as an obligation and privilege. We will be here to serve you when you are ready to discuss how a fiber laser marking system may be right for your business.

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