How To Throw A Crazy Summer Garden Party?

Planning a summer family or friend party can feel overwhelming. However, there are ways to simplify the process. See how you can use helpful tools like the invitation service to send Invite, hire tents and Tasty Catering, and loads more in this useful guide!

What Is A Crazy Summer Garden Party?

A crazy summer garden party might just be the perfect way to cap off your summer days. From goofy themes to wide-ranging refreshments, these parties are sure to keep your guests entertained all afternoon long. Here are five tips on throwing a crazy summer garden party: 

  1. Consider hosting a pool party or water fight. Nothing gets the party going like some good ole’ fashioned fun in the sun. Plus, soaking up some sun while you party is sure to put everyone in a good mood. 
  2. Plan a brunch or lunch party. Whether it’s traditional fare like eggs Benedict or something more creative, such as avocado toast with brie and figs, guests will be sure to enjoy a filling meal while taking in the scenery. 
  3. Go for a themed party. There’s no need for anything too elaborate – simply picking one fun theme and sticking to it can go a long way in creating an unforgettable experience for all involved. From “The Apprentice” to “Pirates of Caribbean,” there’s something for everyone at these types of events. 
  4. Let loose with some goofy costumes! Forgo the typical attire and go for something entirely unexpected (and spontaneous).

How Should Organize The Party?

If you’re thinking about throwing a crazy summer garden party, there are a few things you’ll need to think about before you can begin planning. First and foremost, who should organize the event? If the party is being hosted by one person, then that person likely has the time and energy to handle everything. However, if the party is being organized by a group of people, it might be better to enlist the help of an event planner. This way, everyone involved will know exactly what to do and won’t get too overwhelmed. Additionally, if you’re planning on having a lot of guests over, it might be worth investing in some additional supplies like linens or tables. Without these items, your gathering may feel a bit lacking.


If you’re planning on throwing a crazy summer garden party, here are some tips to get started. First, make sure to invite your friends and family! Then, think about what kind of party atmosphere you’re going for. A crazy beach party will be fun with piñata swings and treasure chests, while a more traditional garden party might be more appropriate for a fall or winter ball. And finally, make sure to have plenty of food and drinks! With all the outdoor activities possible this summer, it’s important to hydrate!

Hire a Party Tent

One of the best ways to have a kick-ass summer party is by hiring a garden party tent! They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s definitely one that will fit your needs. Plus, they make it so easy to throw a great party – all you need are some supplies and you’re set! Here are 5 tips for throwing an awesome summer garden party in a party tent: 

1. Start Planning Early – Parties in tents tend to be more laid-back and relaxed, so start planning your event early on so that everything is ready when the time comes. This way you can avoid any last-minute rush decisions that might spoil your event. 

2. Decide What You Want To Accomplish – Before anything else, decide what you want to accomplish with your outdoor summer bash. Will you be hosting games like charades or Connect Four? Or perhaps you’d like to get a little bit more creative and have guests make their own food or cocktails? The options are endless! Just think about what you would enjoy doing at a typical summer barbecue and then find a party tent that aligns with those interests. 


When planning a crazy summer garden party, think about hosting some of these games to keep your guests entertained.

Garden Jousting: Put your lawn chairs in a circle and have everyone jump into the middle for a little bit of friendly competition. Whoever gets the most points at the end wins!

Serve Squash as Fruits: If you have any squash lying around, turn them into fruits like watermelon, grapefruit, and even pineapple! Guests will love trying different flavors and getting their hands dirty in the process.

Capture the Flag: Not only is this classic game exciting and fun, but it can also be adapted to fit any theme or event. Set up a small flag pole in one corner of the yard and have players race to get their flag down before their opponents do.

Nutrition Options:

Some of the best nutrition options for throwing a crazy summer garden party involve incorporating healthy foods into your menu. For example, grilled meats and vegetables are a great option as they will provide plenty of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Opt for light salads, fruit trays, or veggie platters as side dishes to help guests get their recommended daily amounts of nutrients. As for drinks, consider offering smoothies, iced teas, or fruity cocktails to balance out the calorie and sugar content. And last but not least, don’t forget about desserts! Make sure to include refreshing banana or sugar free lemonade recipes as well as Healthy Fruit Bars or Brownies made with ingredients like almond flour or whole wheat flour.

Food Options

There are many food choices for a crazy summer garden party, but some of the most popular choices include finger foods, salads, and buffet-style options. If you want to serve a main dish, try serving grilled chicken or fish. Other popular choices include charcuterie (sausages and bacon), antipasto (salami, ham, and cheese), ravioli salad, macaroni salad, or potato salad. For dessert, try cake pops, cupcakes, or pie.


There’s no better way to celebrate summer than by throwing a crazy garden party! Whether you’re hosting the entire get-together or just inviting a few close friends, these tips will help make your bash a rousing success. Plus, who doesn’t love getting outdoors in the sun and enjoying some good company? So why not add this wild and crazy party to your summer plans now?

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