How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

When you think of moving, your first thought is probably not about safeguarding your furniture. But keeping your home and office furniture safe during a move is essential if you want to keep it in good condition. There are several ways to protect your furniture when moving:

1. Gather the Necessary Packing Materials

Start by listing all the furniture and items you intend to pack. This will help you know what materials you’ll need to buy. To protect your furniture, you need to invest in quality packing materials. Here are a few materials that you should have on hand:

Bubble wrap– This is a must-have item when moving. Using bubble wrap, you can wrap larger pieces such as tables, chairs, and sofas. Wrap the item from all sides using the bubble wrap, and ensure that the bubbles are not touching each other. This way, the bubbles will protect your furniture from getting damaged during the move.

Moving blankets– You can use moving blankets instead of wrapping large furniture items in bubble wrap. Moving blankets are highly versatile and can wrap large and small items like mirrors, paintings, and small tables. Moving blankets are highly durable and easy to clean. They’re also lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

Stiff cardboard– Stiff cardboard is another must-have item when moving. You can use this material to wrap smaller pieces such as vases, picture frames, and decorative bowls.

2. Wrapping Furniture

If you have particularly fragile furniture pieces, it’s best to wrap them in paper or cloth before moving them. Choose thick, sturdy paper like gift wrap paper or newspaper to wrap your wooden furniture. The paper will prevent the wood and finish on the furniture from getting scratched or damaged. You can roll up the furniture to reduce its size to fit more stuff in a room or truck.

You can use heavy-duty shrink wrap or tarps for sale for large furniture items, such as couches, sofas, or tables. To do this, place the furniture on its side and wrap the furniture with a tarp or shrink wrap. You can also use the “roll around” method of wrapping. First, cover the furniture with a thick blanket or cloth to protect it from scratches. Next, wrap the blanket with newspaper or packing paper. Roll up the entire furniture to reduce its overall size for easy transport.

3. Using Padding

If you want to protect surfaces from getting scratched, you can use small pieces of fabric to pad the legs of the furniture. Cut out pieces of fabric that are 2-3 times the size of the furniture leg. Use strong rubber bands to hold the fabric in place. You can also use thick paper or cardboard to pad corners or other areas prone to getting banged up during transport. Sm

all padding pieces prevent your furniture from sliding around or off the truck. It’s best to pad all your furniture before wrapping them. You can also use large pieces of padding to pad furniture legs. It’s best to pad the legs of delicate furniture like wooden chairs and tables.

4. Disassembling Furniture

If you have heavy furniture or delicate items, you should disassemble them before moving. This will make the furniture easier to transport. Large tables and furniture can be difficult to move if they’re in one piece. Smaller items can be even more difficult to transport.

If you have items that are too heavy to lift or too large to fit in a car, you might consider disassembling them. You can use furniture sliders to move furniture that is too heavy to lift. Large and heavy furniture like dining tables, desks, and dressers can be quite challenging to move. Despite their size and weight, you can still move them if you disassemble them properly. Be sure to use furniture sliders to lift larger furniture items and use a dolly or hand truck to haul them to the truck.

5. Place Items Strategically

When packing your items, place them strategically inside the moving truck or the moving van. This will help you avoid damaging your delicate furniture items. Here are a few tips to help you place your items strategically:

  • Place heavier items towards the bottom of the truck. Lighter and smaller items, such as books and decorative items, should be placed on the top shelves of the truck. 
  • Place padded furniture items towards the middle of the truck. This will ensure that they don’t get crushed by other heavy items. 
  • Place heavier items towards the back of the truck. This will prevent them from shifting toward the front of the truck and crushing smaller items.


When moving to a new place, protecting your furniture is important. There are several ways to do so. First, you need to make sure that all your furniture is clean. This will make it easier to pack your items.

Next, you must gather packing materials, such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, and cardboard. Wrap all large furniture items like sofas, tables, and chairs using these materials. You can also pad smaller items like vases, picture frames, and decorative bowls. Place your items strategically inside the truck, and you’ll be able to move easily.

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