How to Get More Instagram Followers Up Your ‘gram Game?

The need for Real Instagram Followers and elusive likes is extremely strong in the digital era. Aside from our social circles, it may be difficult to obtain new followers outside of these circles to either promote our brands or simply gratify our vanity needs.

Nonetheless, there are numerous simple techniques to obtain Real Instagram Followers. Although you may not receive as many likes as Selena Gomez shortly, these methods should assist in expanding your page’s following.

Don’t forget to hashtag

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Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to boost your number of Real Instagram Followers. Using prominent hashtags will increase your photographs’ discoverability for individuals who use the search function.


Engagement is essential for growing your following. While liking images is a simple method to engage users on Instagram, commenting on photos and reacting to others add a touch of personality to your profile.

Be sincere in your conversations, and only comment on photographs that you genuinely enjoy. Start by searching for photographs with hashtags you’re also using to find folks with similar hobbies and aesthetic preferences.

Timing is paramount.

Even though Instagram no longer displays posts in chronological order, the timing of your Instagram posts is still significant. You should attempt to publish at times when you know your followers are more likely to be online, such as during lunchtime and in the evenings after work.

 To show your post to more people, Instagram’s algorithm considers both the amount and speed of engagement with your post. Therefore, it stands to reason that you will receive more and faster engagement when more people are online.

Lately is a great program to use if you want to plan and schedule content for these periods.

Follow other thirsty individuals.

You are not the only individual aiming to gain followers openly. You can quickly find other Instagram users who are thirsty by using the hashtags # followforfollow, # followme, and # likeforlike.

These users may be prepared to exchange a follow for another follow. Unfollowing is a normal aspect of the game, so don’t be startled.

Form a pod

In continuation of the last recommendation, try starting or joining an Instagram “pod.” As pods of dolphins join together to violently dominate the oceans, so do aspirant Instagram stars. 

These cabals collaborate by favouriting and commenting on each other’s posts. They do this because Instagram’s algorithms prefer posts with a high level of “engagement,” yet the algorithm likely cannot distinguish between legitimate and fake engagement. 

If you build a group of friends around a common interest, such as landscape photography or fashion, the involvement between members can be genuine. This strategy relies on Instagram’s algorithm, so if the service ever makes big changes, you may need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Add a bio:

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Completing the bio section of your account is another simple technique to enhance your page’s visibility. This lets business owners and artists get their brand message across and link to their other business websites.

Organize effectively

To expand your Instagram following, it is essential to utilize your entire social network. It’s possible to link your Instagram account with your phone’s contact list or Facebook account, making it easy to swiftly add people you know and don’t care too much about.

Similarly, to make the most of your current network, linking to your Instagram page from other social media might be useful; as a result, LinkedIn may still have some value.

Also, if your Instagram page has anything to do with your job, it can be helpful to put the information about your account on your business card and website.

Use specifics and narration in your writing

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app, but if you want to grow your following, your postings should evoke a strong emotional response in your audience.  When you upload an image, add a descriptive description, quote, or other content that provides context and forms a narrative when you upload it.

Be unique.

People on social media tend to follow the leader, which explains the proliferation of memes and repeating jokes. However, if you want to become an Instagram star, mimicking other people’s styles and materials can only help you to a certain level.

Develop a specific style for your photographs and a different tone for your remarks so that when others see your postings, they can immediately identify them as yours.

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