How to Get a Trading License for Your Business in UAE?

Are you planning to get your hands on the trading license for your own business in UAE? This quick guide might help you with that and everything else related to that. To start, off, you need to understand that every company’s authorized operations in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) are outlined in its business license. The D.E.D is completely responsible for awarding all commercial permits.

You can use a general trading license in Dubai for a variety of purposes. General trading comprises a wide array of economic undertakings in the United Arab Emirates, including wholesale and retail commerce and importing and exporting needs such as food, clothing, machinery, and electronics. 

A general commerce license given by the U.A.E. allows for the sale of all legally permissible goods. Businesses can sell more products under a General Trading License than under a specific license category. With a General Trade License, one can manage a retail business dealing in packaged food, household items, apparel, personal care items, etc.

When Do You Need a Dubai Business Permit?

All business permits in Dubai are not the same. The four primary types of licenses are as follows:

  • Professional Licenses, which are provided to those who perform particular services
  • There are two types of such licenses: commercial and trade. For companies engaged in industrial or manufacturing activities, you will need Industrial License.
  • Licenses to engage in general commercial activities, including exports and imports, fall under the purview of the “General Trade License.”
  • If you’re going to apply for one of these business licenses, you must first make sure you have all the necessary paperwork together. You might have to wait longer to get your license if you don’t.

What’s The Differences Between a License Issued in A Free Zone, Offshore, And The Mainland?

Mainland, free zones, and offshore are the three primary locations for entrepreneurs in Dubai when establishing a company in the Emirate. Businesses operating on the mainland of Dubai only need a mainland license. The D.E.D. is responsible for issuing these, which several government agencies require.

Authorities in a free zone will issue trading license in UAE for conducting business there. Each license comes with its own unique set of restrictions and perks. A certificate of offshore incorporation is required to establish a Dubai-based offshore company. In the United Arab Emirates, running this kind of business is illegal.

Required Paperwork for a U.A.E. General Trading License

So, what exactly do you need for a UAE general trading license? Keep reading, we will take you through those: 

  • A completed license application that has been signed by an authorized representative of the company’s management
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Letter of D.E.D. Approval of Company Name (It needs to be attested)
  • Certified copies of the management partners’ passports

Finding a General Trading License in Dubai and How to Get One.

To open a trading business in Dubai, you need to follow just the following easy steps:

  1. Deciding on a business name
  2. Decision-making in the workplace, p
  3. Choosing an activity
  4. Obtaining an application and completing it
  5. Obtaining the necessary permissions
  6. Collecting necessary forms
  7. Find a good spot
  8. Filling out an application
  9. Costs and dues 

Following is a detailed breakdown of how to get started with the process of getting a trading license in UAE:

  • Decide on a Business Name and Legal Structure

Think carefully about the company’s formal name and organizational structure. It’s vital that the company’s trade name is both distinct and complies with the D.E.D.’s requirements. The legal proceedings can’t move forward without the corporation.

  • Determine Your Commercial Purpose

Determine which types of business operations will require a license (a maximum of 10 per license) (a maximum of 10 per license) (a maximum of 10 per license)

  • Submit an Application

Complete the application and send it in for review.

  • Obtain External Approvals

Obtain any necessary external approvals for your business activities.

  • Acquire the Necessary Records

Prepare all necessary paperwork, including an M.O.A. and approvals from the appropriate agencies.

  • Pick Your Spot

Select a commercial space, and have Ejari authenticate your lease agreement.

  • The Application Process 

Prepare a license application and submit it to the D.E.D.

  • Complete the Payment 

Pay the license fee and other costs associated with getting the license.

Please note: You must submit original documents to the Commercial Registry’s Trade license and Commercial Registration Department in order to obtain a valid trading license from a free zone or offshore.

What Else to Keep in Mind? 

The Department of Economic Development (D.E.D.) is responsible for issuing the official trade license and commercial registration certificates upon completion of the licensing procedures. Documents will be reviewed and verified by the Commercial Registry Authority. The Commercial Registry will then be updated to include the new business. The papers will be sent from the D.E.D. to the Federal Ministry of Economy. The ministry’s approval letter will be issued following the publication of the documents, including the M.O.A. and the application entry of the company name.

The license is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. A valid Dubai trade license must be renewed every three years. A copy of the prior license must be included with the application for approval. The duration of the renewal is extended by five years.

The Value of a General Trading License in the United Arab Emirates

The license holder has the benefit of paying no taxes on any money made from using that license.

The company can fully repatriate its earnings and holdings, known as “repatriation benefits.” The processes for issuing licenses are simple and uncomplicated. After submitting the required paperwork, giving the card shouldn’t take more than ten days.

The permit holder may choose to sponsor multiple workers for temporary work visas in the United States. A certain number of work visas may be issued to employees depending on the size of the office. More visas will be granted if the area is more extensive.

The licensee is under no obligation to provide an annual audit. Increased potential for trading — every investor strives to maximize profits by reacting swiftly to changes in the market. In the United Arab Emirates, those who obtain a General Trading license can conduct business locally, nationally, and even internationally.

The visa sponsorship benefit extends to the license holder’s dependents. Those who can secure a General Trading license in Dubai or the U.A.E. will have access to lucrative business and investment opportunities. It’s the best way to increase profits and expand a business legitimately.

You’ll need a general trading license to do business in the U.A.E. 

Parting Thoughts 

You can get a General Trading License at the lowest possible cost in the Free Trade Zones of the United Arab Emirates. Getting a general trading license in a free zone has many advantages. The company can take advantage of the free storage space provided by the Free Trade Zones.

Many different types of warehouse space are offered in U.A.E. Free Zones. Cold storage, food storage, and other specialized facilities are all part of what warehouse services offer. The Free Zones provide investors with every possible benefit. It’s important to note that the cost of a General Trading License varies by Emirate in the U.A.E. Cost-wise, Dubai is always the best deal among the Emirates! 

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