How To Create An Iron Clad TikTok Strategy

One must not undervalue TikTok’s social influence in today’s day and age. Many teenagers use TikTok as a distraction, but the app has also had a significant cultural and musical impact in the current era, and as a result, corporations are seeking ways to cash in on the phenomenon through TikTok advertising.

You’ve probably heard about TikTok for Business if you’ve been keeping up with the headlines. The app’s widespread appeal has caused a stir in both the arts and politics.

If TikTok weren’t the most talked-about new social media platform, this kind of media fuss wouldn’t be possible. If the government is paying attention, then surely company owners should as well.

To their relief, businesses now have a level playing field thanks to the introduction of TikTok Strategy for business. Now is the time to delve headfirst into this new platform to explore what it can do for your business since it has a bunch of new features meant to increase brand engagement.

The competition on TikTok is still very low, despite the growing number of brands using the platform. Joining the platform now allows you to be an early adopter of game-changing technology in your industry.

Read on to find out how to use TikTok for marketing purposes, create a business account, and more.

1. Create a business account on TikTok

TikTok is similar to other social media in that it allows brands to have their own profiles. Metrics like impressions, engagements, and the distribution of followers can all be monitored with a TikTok Business Account, making it easier for businesses to plan and track campaigns. TikTok also facilitates the discovery of influencers through its corporate accounts.

Download the app, sign in, or create an account to begin setting up your TikTok business account.

To edit your profile after signing up, select the cogwheel icon set in the upper right corner of the homepage. Then, select “settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the menu symbol in the top right. In the subsequent menu, select “Manage account,” and then in the following window, select “Switch to Business Account” from the Account Control subheading.

Then provide the requested information and select the most applicable business type. Once you’re done, you’ll find some brand-new Creator and Menu settings in the Settings section.

You should update your profile with a professional email address, company logo, social media links, and a bio.

When composing your TikTok bio, don’t stress over things like search engine optimization (SEO) keyword density. Optimize with the term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF) instead, which takes into account keywords that are connected to the root phrase you’re targeting. When you use TF-IDF, your TikTok account becomes accessible to users who aren’t yet familiar with your brand.

2. Analyse your target audience

Conduct vital background checks and narrow down your focus before launching your campaign. In order to determine if your target demographic uses TikTok, you can use customer personas to learn more about them. A buyer persona is a fictional but accurate representation of your perfect customer. It may contain information such as their age, location, and social media profiles.

To develop your personas, you can either leverage information from your current client base or conduct surveys using electronic means such as email and social media, collecting additional information.

To find other users who fit the profile, you can compare the data from the persona to that of TikTok. The number of TikTok users in a specific age range or geographic area, for instance, can help you target the right audience for your business.

Among Generation Z, TikTok has exploded in popularity. However, TikTok isn’t only popular amongst young people; millennials and the elderly are also using the app in large numbers. Among American TikTok users, for instance, more than 40 percent are considered mature by socioeconomic standards, according to data compiled by Statista.

3. Get in touch with TikTok influencers

Working with popular TikTok users is a simple method to gain exposure quickly. To begin with, influencers have a large, dedicated following that regularly engages with their content. Strategic influencers are familiar with the TikTok algorithm and may help you reach your goals more quickly if you work with them.

Don’t just look at the number of people who follow an influencer; find those whose followers align with your own. After all, you want your content or brand to be seen by the right people, and that’s exactly what influencer cooperation can provide. Your chosen influencers must likewise share the same ethics as your company. You don’t want your company’s name to become inextricably linked with any unsavory characters if you plan on working together for an extended period of time.

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, as well as influencer marketing platforms like Collabstr, Hypeauditor, Grin, CreatorIQ, and others, can be used to locate possible brand influencers. For e.g., you might also conduct a Google search for “top beauty influencers on TikTok” to find relevant influencers.

Identifying influential people is all about engagement rate. Even though macro-influencers (those with more than 15k followers) tend to get more views and likes on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, micro-influencers (those with less than 15k followers) get a greater engagement rate (17.96%) on TikTok.

4. Conduct a market analysis

Do any of your rivals use TikTok? You may be missing out on all the fun if they are. If not, you might gain an edge by using TikTok.

Find three to five similar businesses or organizations, regardless of whether or not your direct competitors are using the app, and check out their activity. Make an effort to gain wisdom from their successes and failures. Examine each rival’s S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to better understand them.

Consider including popular creators and influencers from the TikTok platform in your research. Discover well-known people in your field of study, be it health, education, or the arts.

5. Monitor your progress

Last but not least, monitor your results and modify your approach to TikTok accordingly. TikTok’s analytics feature makes monitoring your content’s reach and popularity a breeze. The app displays a variety of indicators, such as the number of shares, likes, and comments. View counts, play times, average viewer durations, profile views, and similar metrics will also be displayed.

These analytics can be used to fine-tune your content approach. For instance, if you notice that the majority of your followers are listening to a particular music, you might use that information to inspire your next TikTok video.

Final Thoughts!

As far as social media platforms go, TikTok and TikTok for Business are a bit like the Wild West. They’re surrounded by political debate, and as a relatively new medium, nobody’s quite sure how to employ them effectively.

However, this opens up numerous exciting prospects for your company to pioneer new avenues. If successful, your idea might usher in a new era of advertising and content.

In the end, nothing can replace getting your hands dirty and testing out your own TikTok advertising strategies. If you haven’t done so already, go on to install the app, browse the available video clips, and determine whether or not they would benefit your company’s advertising efforts.

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