How is Roger Hamilton Bringing a Revolution in Entrepreneurship

Business is effectively the splendid guide of the cutting edge financial time. Out of the rare sorts of people who have committed their lives to entrepreneurship education, the name of Roger Hamilton stands apart as a brilliant star. This Singapore-based businessperson is multi-faceted. He is a New York Times top rated creator, public speaker, social business person, and instructor. He is liable for changing the field of business visionary training. Roger Hamilton has shown a way to pioneering accomplishment to understudies all around the globe through the Virtuoso Gathering, of which he is the Organizer and Chief. The Virtuoso Gathering flaunts 2.7 million pioneering understudies across 200 nations.

How it all began

Roger Hamilton was born in 1968 in Hong Kong. Despite the family relocating several times, he displayed unique smartness and adaptability. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the prestigious University of Cambridge in 1989.

At this point, his curious mind started thinking about education and teaching people how to think. Over the years, he developed and perfected his ideas about entrepreneur education.

Right after graduation at 21, he co-founded Footprints, a publishing company. He later started another company called Hand Technologies. He later moved to Singapore and started Free Market Media and Expat Living Magazine.

The Revolution begins

In 2002, he composed his most memorable worldwide smash hit title ‘Wink and Develop Rich.’ Before long, he helped to establish the XL Gathering, which expected to universally associate social business people. At about a similar time, he concocted a profiling instrument called Abundance Elements. He based the tool on the principles of Carl Jung’s exposition of the ancient Chinese book of wisdom I Ching. 

Wealth Dynamics helped future entrepreneurs to tap into their minds, see their strengths and weaknesses and free their true prospective potential. Wealth Dynamics was an enormous success in helping many companies and individuals.

Roger Hamilton dealt with worldwide activities and co-created numerous brain sciences, life, business, and achievement books. He soon launched a corporate variation of Wealth Dynamics called Talent Dynamics.

In 2014, he wrote another bestseller book called ‘Millionaire Masterplan.’ He then started to put all his revolutionary ideas about education into practice. He started the Green School in Bali, intending to unravel a new education process and create environmental awareness.

Armed with the experience, he launched an entrepreneurial education system called GeniusU in 2015. This system is now known as the Genius Group.

The Revolution in Entrepreneurship

Beginning in 2019, The Virtuoso Gathering Ltd contains three divisions: GeniusU, The Business visionaries Establishment, and The Business visionary Retreats.
It also includes Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics. Together these cover the education of future entrepreneurs of all ages.

  • GeniusU

The web and versatile stages interface business visionaries to an interesting organization, information, and potential open doors in view of individual interests, values, qualities, and reason.

  • The Entrepreneur’s Institute 

This Institute is an immense help in setting up a business. At the core is Entrepreneur Dynamics, a tool to grow using other tools like Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, and Impact Dynamics.

  • Entrepreneur Resorts 

This publicly listed group manages exotic properties worldwide to enable entrepreneurs to live, work, and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Other notable education programs started by him include Education Angers, E-Square Education, PIN, and the University of Antelope Valley.

The programs are designed for students, parents, teachers, educational institutions, and the government. The audio-video education system is available in various languages like English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many more. A highlight of the system is personalized tools and programs. They are available in various modes like in-person, virtual, schools, colleges, universities, and corporate training. All the programs are moderated by successful entrepreneurs who themselves benefit through these programs.


The Genius Group has either absorbed all competition or left them far behind. Currently, the group boasts over 7000 partners, 2000 faculty, and 250 employees. The community has created a record by adding around 50000 new community members annually. Through the Genius Group Education Programs, Roger Hamilton has contributed more to entrepreneur education than any other person in recent history.

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