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There are always high costs involved in moving to a new country. As well as managing your money across borders, Wise also allows you to make, receive, and send payments overseas. We’ll cover this topic about green card shortly. I will elaborate further.

Overview of Green Cards

How does a Green Card differ from a US passport or visa? Let’s start at the beginning. Most non-American citizens traveling to the U.S. require pre-approval. There may be a need to apply for an ESTA or tourist visa for foreign tourists traveling to the United States. Visit for more information.

Obtaining a Green Card may be the best choice for those who intend to remain in the US permanently. An individual can stay and work in the US permanently with a Green Card instead of an expiring visa. Green Card holders retain their citizenship in their country of origin as long as they hold a Green Card. There are some rights that come with a Green Card, but they do not include full citizenship rights in the US. If you commit certain crimes or leave the country, you can lose your green card even if you have a green card.

Obtaining a Green Card

The application procedures for a Green Card will differ depending on where you want to apply. And how you want the Green Card – and the type that you want. This is a step-by-step overview.

1. Verify your eligibility for one of the Green Card categories

Before applying for a Green Card, you should study each category’s eligibility requirements. This section will outline the core requirements for each category. The USCIS website provides additional information.

2: Adjust your status inside the USA — or apply via consular process abroad

As long as you have a visa for another country, or as long as you are still in your country of origin, you can obtain a Green Card. In order to become an immigrant in the United States, you will need to file an immigrant petition and wait for visa approval. It depends on your specific circumstances, however.

3: Verify whether visas are available

Applicants for green cards can be family members of US citizens, but the number of cards available for employment and sponsorship is available shortly annually. The process of applying for a visa will therefore need to be initiated once visas in your category are available.

4: Collect all necessary documents and complete the necessary paperwork

Prepare your claim by completing the correct application form and gathering any necessary evidence. You may be able to get assistance from your employer or family member, depending on the nature of your application. Depending on the nature of your application, your employer or family member may be able to help. Below you will find a list of documents that you will need.

5: Contact a national visa center or center that assists with visas

Our staff will need to collect biometric information about you, such as fingerprints, photos, and signatures, in order to complete your application. The type of application you submit will determine whether a fee must be paid.

6: Schedule a meeting if necessary

You will have to appear for an interview if you apply for a Green Card. You need to bring your original documents with you to the meeting. Your family member or employer may request that you accompany them when you apply.

7: Upon accepting your application, we will contact you

Once the decision regarding your Green Card application has been made, you’ll receive a letter from inside the United States. Applications that are denied will also reveal the reason for the rejection as well as what options applicants have for appealing or reopening it.

The consular officer will provide you with your visa packet once your application is complete. Do not open the packet until your application is complete. Your arrival at the border will require you to give it to a customs official. Upon entering the United States, a customs officer will issue you your Green card.

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Can you tell me how to obtain a Green Card?

After your Green Card application has been submitted, you will be able to follow the progress of your case. According to the website, average processing times for various routes to apply to various recruitment agencies as well as past processing times are available.

Cost of obtaining a Green Card?

The application for a Green Card, as well as the provision of biometric information, require fees. By using the handy fee calculator on the USCIS website, you can estimate your total fee for your application.

For example, using 535 USD for the filing fee of an immigration petition for an alien relative or spouse, you might get an idea of what it costs. Along with the Form I-485, which can cost as much as 1,140 USD, there is also a biometric fee of 85 USD. Make sure that before you start with your application that you check the USCIS website to find out the cost of all the forms that you’ll need.

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