Grease pumps: everything you need to know

The viscosity of grease is higher than that of oil, which is a liquid lubricant. It is better to use grease-based lubricants over petroleum-based lubricants in cases where oil drips are undesirable. Heavy-duty machines are lubricated with different types of grease at friction points, especially those exposed to high pressure.

Simple, convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly, lubricant equipment is a good option. In contrast to a small vacuum cleaner, grease pumps look like lubrication systems. They can handle between 30 lb. and 400 lb. of grease.

Also available are grease guns and central lubricators that use grease pumps for lubrication. Adding ingredients to grease formulas, other than chemical additives, can enhance the performance. Besides anti-wear agents, oxidation inhibitors extend grease service life by reducing metal abrasion. Learn more at


Construction and marine industries both use grease pumps, but in general, People use grease pumps for large machines in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Different grease pumps have different specifications, depending on the viscosity, volume, and pressure of the liquid they pump.

Furthermore, it is essential for the grease pump to function with the same type of system to which it will be connected. In general, lubrication systems that operate on a central basis lubricate a variety of parts at the same time.

People can install them on machines they lubricate despite the fact that they need individual maintenance. Comparatively to other systems, the improved grease pump system with centralized lubrication reduces human error. Like grease guns, grease pumps are also attachable to grease guns as grease gun attachments in the same way.

In addition to providing power and flexibility to the body, this hose is long enough to reach parts of the machine that are otherwise out of reach. An integral part of the lubrication industry, grease pumps can work independently or with other systems. There will be an increase in demand for grease pumps in the coming years.

Grease pump manufacturing companies

Redi-Mount mounting system

Redi-Mount SystemsTM is a leading supplier of industrial lubrication systems, including grease lubricators, automatic lubrication systems, and upgrades of existing systems. Providing optimized performance for your equipment and business, we manufacture simple, efficient automatic lubricators.

The International Filtervac Corporation.

Our company designs and manufactures lubrication systems for both standard and customized products. In addition to heaters and a single oil pump, the self-contained lube system includes drainage tanks with baffles, a heater that is immersed in the reservoir, as well as duplex filter housings.

Master Pneumatic, Inc.

The company manufactures wick-feed and sight-feed lubricators, among other products related to fluid power. In addition to broad markets, we also design lubrication equipment for narrow markets.

Pumps for Oil Company, Inc.

A Manufacturer of lubrication products and systems, OPCO Lubrication Systems, Inc. has been in the lubrication industry for almost 50 years. As well as oilers, we also offer conveyor cleaners, lubricants and grease, and electronic oilers. The OPCO team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to our world-class customer service and international supplier network.


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Air operated grease pumps:

These grease pumps use compressed air to dispense or apply grease to machinery and come with hoses and trigger nozzles. Electric grease pumps, including peristaltic and gear pumps, are popular for larger quantities of grease transfer. Depending on the desired ratio of pressure and flow, air-operated grease supply systems operate with compressed air from 2 to 10 bar. Upon reaching the end position of the cylinder of the pump, the cylinder will automatically switch to generate the upward and downward strokes necessary to deliver.

Pump heads feature precise, mechanical switchovers that are integrated inside them and therefore are well protected from external influences and manipulation. With a well-engineered geometric shape and a sleeve with spring-supported toggle, the valve is safe to operate.

Moreover, the grease pump comes with stainless steel tubes to ensure that it will not corrode in a marine environment. Along with barrel pumps, motors, hoses, and connections we offer the complete package. In this way, the pump is ready for use as soon as it arrives.

In addition to being of high quality, our drum pumps are extremely reliable. The grease pumps we supply comply with international standards, so you can have full confidence in them.



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