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You’ve heard of Microsoft Teams, but have you tried the Direct Routing feature yet? This handy integration feature makes it easy to connect your phone system to Microsoft Teams, so everyone can see who’s available and what they’re working on.

But why should you use it? Keep reading to find out more about Teams Direct Routing, as well as all the ways it can help streamline your team communication and collaboration.

Get Started with Teams Direct Routing

It doesn’t matter if you use Skype for Business Server, Skype for Business Online, or Office 365. If you want a great solution for connecting your phone system directly to Microsoft Teams, it’s pretty simple with Skype for Business and Teams. Here’s how you do it…

First, let’s take a look at what direct routing is all about. Basically, when you connect two applications together via direct routing, there are no gateways in between; everything goes straight from one application to another. There’s no third-party media gateway, nothing like that.

All of your calls just go right through without any additional work on your part – and without any additional charges! That means that you can make and receive calls right within Microsoft Teams using your existing phone system (or even an IP PBX).

And yes, since direct routing is built into Skype for Business Server 2015 (and later), it works with both on-premises deployments as well as cloud-based deployments of Skype for Business Online. So now that we know what direct routing is.

Why Choosing Direct Routing?

When considering options for connecting your PBX or phone system with Microsoft Teams, there are a number of considerations to make. Of course, there are some big benefits (such as being able to see who’s in a meeting and adding participants without leaving your desk), but you may also have questions about how to direct routing compares with other methods.

For example, is it better than using PSTN conferencing?

What if I need dial-in access?

How does it compare to Skype for Business Server?

Let’s take a look at each of these scenarios to help you decide which option works best for your organization.

To begin, let’s consider one scenario where direct routing can be beneficial over PSTN conferencing. With direct routing, callers don’t have to dial into an IP gateway first; they can connect directly to your team right from their phone. This means that any calls coming in via Call Routing will be routed directly into meetings – no gateway necessary.

And if you choose to use a PSTN number for your direct-routed meeting, participants won’t need to know anything about how you’ve set up your infrastructure; all they need is a phone and a working connection. If you want to allow people outside of your organization to join meetings, though, then direct routing isn’t quite as simple as it seems.

If you’re considering using direct routing but aren’t sure whether it fits your needs, we recommend contacting your PBX provider to learn more about what options are available. As always, make sure to test out each option before making a final decision!

The Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provides clear benefits over traditional phone services, including improved productivity and collaboration while reducing your overall cost of business communications. Here are the top five benefits of using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in your business today!

1) Increased Collaboration

It doesn’t matter how great your communication capabilities are if no one uses them. With Microsoft Teams, users can set up direct dials to important clients or teams that make it easy to connect with each other.

This is especially useful for large companies with multiple offices or for employees who travel frequently and need a quick way to contact their team members back at headquarters. And since everyone has a separate number, calls can be answered anywhere in the world.

2) Better Customer Experience

Users report a better customer experience after switching to Microsoft Teams for Direct Routing. Their customers can reach them faster and are more satisfied with their call quality.

They’re also able to take advantage of a whole host of other benefits: A new number that’s dedicated just for your business, leveraging an advanced calling system, and integrating multiple communications tools like Microsoft Skype. Ultimately, these are things you need from a phone service provider – so why settle for anything less?

3) A Great Control

The ability to directly dial or video call anyone in your team, even when you’re remote, means you can do a lot more without leaving your desk. This will save time and reduce costs.

For example, if you need to check on an employee while they’re out on a call or confirm with them something they said during a meeting, all you have to do is pick up your phone and chat away—no airport or hotel charges involved. Now that’s what we call efficient!

4) Cost-Efficiency

Like most business-focused communication tools, Microsoft Teams uses a freemium model, meaning you can use it for free and get access to many features.

Because it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to buy servers or additional hardware. The free version includes all essential collaboration features: chat, audio and video calling, task management, and meetings. You also get add-ons like Enterprise Voice or Data Loss Prevention.

5) Set up Your Team

When setting up your team, you will want to choose whether or not to enable direct routing. With direct routing, a user will have a phone number and extension (like in Skype for Business), and calls that come in through Outlook, Cortana, and mobile phones can ring directly to them.

If you don’t enable direct routing, users are still able to receive calls directly through Skype for Business by sharing their phone numbers with callers. Your choice depends on your organization’s business needs.

Final Thoughts

These benefits highlight that direct routing is an important feature to consider when evaluating your communications tools, and it will help you avoid many traditional pitfalls in telephony.

Ensure that your cloud-based unified communications solution can support direct routing today. And, if you’re a current user and have questions about how you can enable direct routing on your organization’s unique business processes, please reach out to Wavetel Business!

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