Download and Use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The accounting software QuickBooks has proved itself to be a great time and resource saver for small and mid-sized businesses. It allows them to easily carry out even the most complex accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, the program is also widely known for its countless errors and bugs. One of the common ones is the H and 600 series errors. 

You can perform a download of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and use it to fix them. This utility is also present in the QB Tool Hub. So, when you perform a QuickBooks tool hub download, you get easy access to this tool. This article will lay down the guidelines for properly downloading, tweakvip and installing the connection diagnostic tool.  

What to Remember Before Using the Connection Diagnostic Tool?

In order to gain a better knowledge of this tool, you should know some facts about it. They are as follows: 

  • The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is an evolved version of the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool. So, if you are currently employing QB desktop 2016, you will get alerts to use the QB File Doctor Tool. It is recommended to utilize the File Doctor Tool only in such possibilities. 
  • The File Doctor Tool serves only QB Desktop for Windows. On the other hand, the Connection Diagnostic Tool is there for QB for Mac users too. 
  • The Connection Diagnostic Tool provides a suitable connection between the company file and the QB database server manager. It does so for the 6000 and H-series errors. 
  • To facilitate the proper functioning of the connection diagnostic tool, you must employ QB 2008 or a version later than Vista, Windows 7, or XP. 

Guidelines to carry out the Download and Installation of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

You don’t need to abide by any complicated string of steps for activating this utility. Just follow these easy instructions, and you’ll find this diagnostic tool getting installed in no time. 

  • Use the official Intuit site to find the download link for this specific utility.
  • After you tap the download link, save its file at a place on your system.
  • Now, launch the installer with the name ‘QBInstall_tool_vs.exe
  • See that all the programs currently running in the background are closed.
  • Now, reboot the program.
  • Check that your internet connection is stable.
  • Now, install the tool on your system and server.
  • There must not be any prior version of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool on your system. 
  • For installing the tool, you just have to go by the directions for the process on your screen. 
  • When the setup wizard displays, tap ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘Next‘ again to select the Installation folder.
  • Now, agree to the license agreement.
  • Let the application install and open automatically.
  • Head to the directory that has the company file, which needs to be fixed.
  • Enter your admin name and password and press ‘OK.’
  • Now, select between a workstation PC or a host system.
  • The utility will now scan and fix company file problems. You don’t need to do anything while it’s doing its work.

 Issues That QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Helps You Resolve

The Connection Diagnostic Tool from QB is a robust solution that fixes numerous errors. Here is a list of the problems you can resolve using the tool. 

  • QB error codes such as -6000, -6150, -301, and -6130 among others. 
  • Absent entries in your employee’s lists. 
  • When you get Access Denial to the primary QB database. 
  • Errors related to multi-user, such as H202, H101, H505, and H303. 
  • Virus or malware infection in your QB files. 
  • QB files that require repairs. 
  • Customer, vendor, blank vendor, or employee lists. 

Steps to Start Using the Connection Diagnostic Tool from QuickBooks

You can start employing this tool to your advantage in a few steps. Firstly, tap the small icon of QuickBooks. 

  • After QuickBooks launches, remember not to start the corrupt file.
  • Instead of that, hit the ‘Utilities’ section.
  • From there, select the ‘Repair the file‘ option.
  • Now, you must tap on ‘Network Problems.’
  • Next, tap ‘Yes‘ on the message that displays and ask for your permission to gather personal data pertaining to QuickBooks.
  • If you don’t see any such message on your screen, you might have given permission beforehand.
  • Now, navigate to the folder where your company files are kept.
  • Find the file that is corrupt.
  • After finding it, click on ‘Open.’
  • Now, tap the option to show advanced settings.
  • You will see many items in a drop-down.
  • Go through them and find the problem that is most relevant to the existing one.
  • Now, it’s time to enter your login ID and password for QuickBooks.
  • In the end, select the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • This is how you employ this utility after installing it on your system.

The Functioning of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

There are chiefly two tabs in this tool. Below are some details about the role of both these tabs.  

Diagnose connection tab

This tab scans the problematic file. To choose this file, pick it and tap the ‘Diagnose/Repair’ button. This function will detect and rectify the mistake. 

Connectivity testing 

You can use the Connectivity Testing tab to establish a connection between QuickBooks and the server of Intuit. Below are the guidelines to use this function. 

  • Tap ‘Browse‘ to locate the company file. 
  • After that, hit the ‘Connectivity verification’ option. 
  • After the tab finishes running the test, it will show the status either in red or green color. 
  • Red color denotes that there’s an error, while the green shade indicates that there’s no problem. 
  • Now you can tap the ‘Test connectivity’ tab. 
  • If the status is red, it’s possible that the connectivity test may fail. 
  • You’ll view the ‘Advanced‘ section, where all the areas that are tested will be shown. Here, choose the ‘What do these mean?‘ option from the menu. 
  • To use the tool again, you must first resolve the status. Then see if the problem is still there.

Final Thoughts

The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a great utility that scans and fixes problems with C++, .Net Framework, and MSXML. Its latest release is the 4.0 version, and you can access this utility directly from the QB Tool Hub. Use the stepwise instructions in this article to properly download and install the tool. If you get any issues, take help from a QuickBooks technical support service. 

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