Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Our Teachers?

Artificial Intelligence is now in the news a lot lately, from scary warnings from academic luminaries like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk about its future consequences to hysteria about Facebook AI inventing its language. According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute estimate, by 2055, about half of today’s work activities could be automated. Is it possible that “teaching” is on the list? Today, Education World investigates the current state of AI’s position in higher education, as well as a forecast of where we’re likely to go. It’s not as frightening as you may believe!

Classroom Digitization

Online learning and adaptive software are becoming commonplace in the classroom. The artificial intelligence (AI) at Khan Academy detects student strengths and knowledge gaps and adapts the curriculum accordingly. Adaptive assessment tools, such as MAP and SBAC, are increasingly being utilized to help modify school and district curricula.  As the education world mentioned that teachers can manage coursework for large groups of students using software like McGraw-Hill Connect and Aplia. Other online learning systems promote their potential to reach learners in ways that are difficult to do in a traditional classroom setting.

Despite these claims, several research demonstrates that AI online courses and evaluation algorithms do not produce the same results in the classroom as their real-world counterparts. But why is that? You’d think that the tools children utilize every day, from social media to amusement, would be an “easy win” for engagement. You’d think that the emphasis on computer literacy as a fundamental part of the 21st-century workforce would make dealing with AI even more important. You can also believe that the limitless amount of information that computers can hold renders the human mind’s finite capabilities useless. Students, on the other hand, do not seem to be reacting to AI teaching resources in the same way. However, students are taking benefit of the help of British essay writing anywhere in the world.

What Artificial Intelligence Can’t Do

Consider the importance of nerve cells in human learning before you start looking for a new job. “A sort of brain cell that responds similarly when we execute an action and when we see somebody else do the same action,” according to Wikipedia. In a nutshell, observing and imitating is a crucial element of primate learning. Humans learn the most by copying and rehearsing with other humans.

Knowing that their teacher isn’t human puts a strain on a student’s ability to relate and see themselves learning the material and abilities in front of them.   Computers can perform calculations that we could only dream of doing with our brains alone. Students are more likely to be driven to work harder and achieve progress when a human teacher can demonstrate the benefits of learning content—and thereby implicitly establishing not only that it could be done, but that something to aspire to.

Indeed, others say that because of this disconnect, robots are unable to inspire us. Daphne Koller, the president and co-founder of Coursera, says, “Instructors are important for a variety of reasons. For starters, they help create content. That is extremely significant. However, I believe it is equally critical to have someone on hand to answer the more difficult issues if you become stuck. People will also tell you one of the most amazing experiences they’ve had, which has often influenced their lives, was learning from a truly inspirational instructor.”

Empathy is the source of inspiration. Even AI with cutting-edge face rendering technologies can’t account for all of these aspects accurately.

The Class of the Future (AI TA)

As a result, your work is likely to be secure in the foreseeable future. But things are about to transition, and AI will play a role in that transformation.

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In the realms of law, health, and banking, it’s already happening. Doctors have been using IBM Watson to detect medical disorders and interpret MRIs. FutureAdvisor and Wealthfront are two services that assist investors in making better selections. In these examples, the sectors have taken advantage of AI’s skills to make more time-consuming jobs more achievable in a shorter period. And if you question any instructor about what they wish they could see more of to be successful in their field, they would tell you it’s time.

But how can this technology be used for our day-to-day tasks?

Humanoid robots also are being used as a resource to assist language instruction in South Korea and Japan.

Robot TAs might work with failing students one-on-one to practice information and skills that are straightforward to track. All of these factors allow the educator—the empathizer, creator, inventor, and adaptor—to do and be much more in the classroom.



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