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Islamabad is one of the most spectacular cities in Pakistan. It has both attractive natural features and well-designed buildings and roads. It’s a great place to live because it has beautiful hills, amazing views, and a nice vibe. Because of this, a number of well-known property developers have put a lot of money into this city. Because of this, it is growing and giving Islamabad a lot of construction projects. Because of this, shopping malls are being built, housing communities are being set up, and both business and residential projects are being built. As a result, Islamabad has a lot more potential.

Park View City is being built by Vision Developers (Pvt.) Ltd, is one of the many great building projects in Islamabad. This huge housing project is built on the hills of Islamabad. The CDA has only agreed to this one project. It offers a calm and stylish way to live. The crucial thing about this Society is the building on Boulevard. People know the housing estate for its high-end amenities and beautiful views. The procedure of signing up starts with a 20 percent down payment. The rest of the money is due in eight quarterly payments. The closeness of Park View City is helpful. From the Blue region, the center of business in Islamabad, it takes only 15 minutes to get here.

Bahria Enclave

The designers of Bahria Town are already on their way to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which will be their following destinations. People in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi know them for how well they do their jobs. In Zone IV of the Islamabad Capital Territory, Bahria Enclave is close to Chak Shahzad and Jinnah Avenue. The best thing about where it is is that it is easy to get to and helpful from Bahria Enclave. Mouza Molat is close to Bahria Enclave Phase I, while Mouza Phulgraan is close to Phase II. Bahria Enclave has two stages: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Enclave is one of the best construction projects going on in Islamabad because of where it is.

Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is one of the most affordable and luxurious places to live in Islamabad. It is on the Bhata Road, which connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The most notable thing about Taj Residencia is its location, which makes it one of the most interesting and successful ongoing construction projects in Islamabad. It is considered the best residential project because of its location. Taj Residencies is run by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The main entrances to the project are the roads that connect I-14 and I-15. They have agreed to use 10,000 hectares of land for the project.

Blue World City

The Blue World City is prestigious places to live in Islamabad. Now, the Blue World City is the most affordable gated community in the area, and investors are very interested in it. This project is excellent for people in Islamabad who are looking for good building projects that are still going on. With the help of the well-known Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the Blue Group of Companies, it will be built (BGC). There are many blocks, including the General Block, the Overseas Block, the Blue World Economic Zone, the Orbital Apartments, and the Awami Residential Complex, which is affordable. Because it had a good name in the industry, clients and reliable investors were interested in it.

Nova City Islamabad

Around Islamabad, Nova Developers has built a thriving city. It is close to the CPEC route of Fateh Jang. The Society is built in a way that makes it an excellent place to be close to the twin cities. Nova City plans to offer the Society for a low price soon. The low prices of this housing society will encourage people to invest and make it more popular in the real estate market. The Society is in the pre-launch stage right now. Because of this, the master plan is not available to the public. After the Society makes its first announcement, the rates will be made public.

Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City is in the junction sector of Rawalpindi, right next to the international airport in Islamabad. The new airport in Islamabad is 9.2 km away. The CPEC goes through New Capital Smart City on its way to the east. It takes around 6 to 10 minutes to drive out to Islamabad. Future property developments and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) have joined forces to make the Capital smart city. They are one of the most renowned builders in Pakistan. The master plan for the development includes many districts and sub-districts that will help the community. It makes it one of the best building projects going on in Islamabad right now.

RUDN Enclave

RUDN is one of the new building projects going on in Islamabad. After looking at what people in their own country and worldwide know and know how to do, they have decided to give their citizens luxurious facilities. The main contractor is RMRSCO Private Limited, and NESPAK is responsible for designing the building. It is located in a great place on Rawalpindi’s Ring Road. The RUDN Enclave will be well-built and well-kept, with many amenities for the people who live there. The good thing about this Society is that it is in a good spot for both cities. Because of this, real estate developers will see this area as the best choice.


Here are a few of Islamabad’s best building projects. They were made carefully to help people who invest in real estate. It has everything you need and is easy to get to from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing is always ready to help its clients with any questions about real estate.

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