Coincidence Brazil Already Represents the World’s Largest Amazing Fleet of Armored Vehicles!

Coincidence or not maybe Brazil already represents the world’s largest fleet of armored vehicles. Until 1997 every twenty thousand vehicles sold, one armored. Today this relationship has come close to an armored vehicle per thousand vehicles. In the past were only 10 companies specialized in the sector, today there are more than 50 options.

The subject is so important that the Brazilian Army began to regulate the market through specific standards for the industry. In a not-too-distant past, there was called partial shielding, where some vehicle parts (roofs, columns, and doors) were not receiving adequate ballistic protection.

What types of armored vehicles are available today?

While it used to be that military vehicles were what people thought of when they heard this term, today many people feel a need for extra security. You can find Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Cadillac, and many more that offer complete, solid protection from any hijacking or other intrusion.

the ultimate in security and protection, there are many options available that are certain to suit your style and tastes. High-profile clients want the safest, bulletproof vehicles available so that they feel completely secure no matter where they may travel.

What do you expect in a vehicle that offers total security?

Ballistic vertical panels, floor panels that are bombproof, bulletproof doors and windows, and an armored roof insure that you are completely secure from any type of criminal behavior or violent act.
Whether you live in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America, you can travel to business meetings, political events, work, home or anywhere else knowing that your life or safety is not in question. When you want armored vehicles that offer only the best in looks and security, you have many options that provide the ultimate in style and safety.

The presidential to the airport, security is an incalculable and necessary string in the stitching of our society. There is a wide range of security measures that are used to ensure that the safety of persons of interest is upheld, all varying according to the position at hand. The use of armored cars, armored trucks armored led to the safe transportation of goods currencies, and persons to and from locations.

Safety should be your primary focus on armored vehicles!

The way by which you travel or the item that you aim to recover, armored cars, trucks, & processions will never fail to stand as impassable walls defending you & your valuables against the threat of gunfire. In such moments creating mistakes than simply a learning turn cost a life money or credibility.

The world’s vehicles armies police units!

All over the world, armies, police units, SWAT teams, banks, retailers, ambassadors, and high-profile politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have entrusted The Armored Group with their armored transport needs. Whether it’s a U.S. Ford, European Humvee, Soviet car, or an entire fleet of South African vehicles, they deliver – now. By means, it takes, to get the vehicles.

For those who have to pay for their armored cars, you better dig way down deep in those pockets to pay for it, or you could get elected President, discover. No matter how you get, armored cars are very protective &, very cool.

Guide for surviving an armored fighting vehicle!

1. Use a wide flat brush to run the wash freely onto the model, covering only small areas at a time.

2. The first step is to apply washes to the armor model. Prepare the washes by mixing a ratio of 20 percent matt black paint and 80 percent thinner.

3. Once you have coated the entire model, wipe away most of the black using a soft cloth while it is still wet. The washes will provide an “old and used” outlook for the armor model.

4. To get good results, use flat sable brushes of different sizes. There are two important elements that you have to take note which are the amount of paint on the brush and the consistency of the paint. Having too much paint on the brush will result in solid patches of color whereas too little paint will leave nothing at all from the brush.

5. Next, the painting is highlighted by using a method called the dry brushing technique makes use of a nearly dry scrub by stroking back & forth over the surface of the model to reach its details.

6. After the initial dry brushing is accomplished for the entire model, repeat the procedure by adding more white color to the paint. But this time, apply with a lighter stroke and concentrate only on the raised detail

7. When dry brushing, the paint used should be a lighter color over a darker basic coat. Begin by adding white to the basic color and regulating the consistency of the paint. Use the brush to pick up a small amount of paint. Then remove most of the paint off the brush on cardboard or a rag before dry brushing over the surface of the model.

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