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Education from before the School concept was launched, with the hope that children raised in Diploma of IT would use ICT as a familiar tool to lead a happy life for themselves and those around them in an era of unpredictability and no correct answer.

Focus on improving the Diploma of IT environment. In order to secure the budget, the officials of the board of education and the mayor’s department were involved. In September 2019, Konosu City School Education Informatization Promotion Plan was formulated. We have been working on it with the basic philosophy of “cultivating the qualities and abilities necessary to play an active role in the new era by utilizing ICT equipment.”

Utilizing Advanced Technology

In order to aim for the transformation of education in Konosu City. We have set four pillars: “improvement of ICT environment utilizing advanced technology”. So “transformation of learning form”, “cultivation of human resources”, and “creation of time to face children”. From January 2021, five pilot schools and from April 2021, all elementary and junior high schools in Konosu City have renewed their ICT infrastructure.

Based on the concept that “teachers and children can use their PCs anytime, anywhere like stationery,” we have created an environment that takes convenience into consideration. Specifically, we worked on full cloud computing, integration of separated networks, improvement of telework environment, and renewal of school affairs support system. As a result, teachers can now use high-performance PCs for school affairs, external school affairs, and learning from anywhere.

With the renewal of the ICT infrastructure, “the number of teachers who carry Certificate IV in IT in the school has increased”, and “many tasks such as attendance and school diary have been digitized, which has led to a great reduction in the burden and increased the time to face children” “digitalization”. As a result of creating a comfortable working environment, such as “it has become easier to calibrate sentences and the amount of description has increased dramatically” and “it has become easier to look back and accumulate materials”, the consciousness of faculty and staff has definitely changed.

General Affairs Division, Fujisawa City Board of Education

Fujisawa City created an environmental promotion and maintenance plan in 2015. Wireless LAN was install in the pilot school, and wireless LAN was install in all schools in 2019. Due to budgetary constraints, one access point will be install between approximately two classes in a regular classroom. Each school connect to the Internet through the board of education and used the same line for school affairs terminals and learning terminals.

Due to the school concept, the number of terminals used has increased, network traffic has increased, and it has become difficult for each school to connect to the Internet or each system. The need for network enhancement has arisen.

Therefore, in Fujisawa City, a local breakout has make. So that the school can connect directly to the Internet. Specifically, the existing intranet line was not change, and a new line connecting to the Internet add from each school. The line is a 1Gbps best effort optical line, and the Internet service provider uses Bellwood’s super optical access service “Bellnet”. Each school selects a service plan according to the size of the school and reviews the plan every year based on the usage record of the traffic report.

The Usage Situation

Before the network develop by the local breakout. The school affairs terminals of 55 schools in the city. And the terminals for each person use the centralize network. Which had a great influence on the usage situation each other. Due to frequent network delays, classes and school affairs could not operate smoothly. The use of terminals for each person was not promot with priority given to school affairs. Fujisawa City’s problem was that even if terminals install. It would not possible for each person to utilize each terminal due to the network.

After the network establish, the operation of individual terminals. In elementary schools was start, the use of digital textbooks. So for instructors to expand, the use of digital drills, and the distribution. Because videos of school events progress.

In the future, we will utilize the national subsidy project. The “School Management Support Center Development Project” in 2021. To carry out network assessment and emergency response.

Each School Is Connect To The Local Jurisdiction

The network configuration of the Himeji City Board. The education adopts the center method. Each school is connect to the local jurisdiction of the mayor. Because integrate into the Board of Education network. Then connect to the academic information network “SINET”. The “Hyogo Information Highway” is under the jurisdiction of Hyogo Prefecture. Connected to the internet. There are no plans for a local breakout due to budget constraints.

According to the school concept, each person has a terminal. But if even one person does not connect, it will not be a class. An analysis to improve the situation of “I thought. I would use it, but I couldn’t connect” reveal. So that the line from each school to the Himeji City local public. And the network was a bottleneck. Congestion peaks were see from 8 am to 8:30 am. And around the start of the 5th hour after noon.

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