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There are several countries abroad that offer a strapping MBBS degree for students willing to pursue it; but, when it comes to selecting one, the process can seem excruciating. The decision of applying in foreign universities cannot be, at any point, random- several constituents play a major role in asserting that a certain country would ideally suit the student to complete his/her academic pursuits. MBBS, unlike most other degrees, is associated with a string of grave considerations including the entire period of its completion, the career prospects offered and the financial investment, mainly because this particular course is valid worldwide and is hailed as the most influential and life-altering profession. Presently, the medical universities of the Philippines are considered to be the best in the world and rightly so; other than a basic MBBS in Philippines eligibility, in the following section, we will be garnering you with an insight into the components, which have granted the Philippines its long-deserving status. Most study abroad consultants suggest Philippines to be the best destination for International students seeking to study MBBS abroad.

  • The universities are globally recognized 

The most intriguing factor that sets the medical universities of the Philippines apart from the rest is that all of them are recognized and approved by the stalwarts of the medical education directories such as the IMED, ECFMG and World Health Organization (WHO). This directly implies that a student, after graduating from one of these universities, will automatically become eligible for applying and appearing in international medical examinations like USMLE. We can thereby affirm that the standard of education maintained by the medical universities in the Philippines are at par with the leading universities around the world known for their magnanimous contribution to higher education.

  • They have been trusted for years

The medical universities of the Philippines enjoy a heritage that has been delineated along the lines of all these years; they did not suddenly spring up, rather, they have been the first choice of innumerable foreign students for quite some decades now. If you check through the reviews submitted by the alumni of these colleges, you will realize that the websites are often cladded with positive feedbacks and experiences that in itself is capable of creating a strapping ground to suffice them with a world-class stature. Every year, there are about 10,000 international students who seek MBBS in Philippines considering their simple enrolment procedure and no scope of any latent donation apart from the fundamental tuition and accommodation charges. 

  • Teaching technique 

Learning is never a one-way road; both the teacher and student are equally involved in making a course successful. Similarly, the medical universities of the Philippines expect transparent participation from both the parties; the students are never compelled to learn new languages to suit their culture and moreover, all the lectures in the classroom are delivered in English to make certain that the knowledge propagated is seamlessly perceived by the students. Additionally, during the last year of their course, the students are allowed to diagnose real-life patients which not only swell their confidence but ensure that their practical knowledge is enhanced to the fullest of their capabilities. Here, let us also bring it under your notice that if you are looking for MBBS abroad at a low cost, the medical universities of the Philippines are inevitably the answer.

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