Anemometer: Working, Types & Applications

Anemometer is a device that is associated with the branch of science that deals with atmospheric forecasting, also known as meteorology. It mainly involves the calculation of wind speeds using the device anemometer. But before you buy anemometer for your use, it’s important to have a deep understanding of this device. Whether it’s about the working principle, different types of anemometers, or their beneficial applications, we have collected everything here in this blog. So let’s further discuss every point about anemometer in detail. Here’s What You Need To Know About Anemometer: 

Definition: Anemometer 

If we talk about this device in literal words, then it is measuring equipment that measures air velocity and quality. Anemometer can generally measure wind speed, velocity, and direction in both confined and unconfined flow. Anemometer is an essential tool for meteorologists as it helps them study different weather patterns. Even physicists also use this device to study various air moves. 

The most common type of anemometer will include cups that are connected horizontally. When the wind blows, the cups in the device turn to make the rod turn, and with speed, it increases its turns too. Anemometer actually counts the number of revolutions to calculate the wind speed. Additionally, there are different types of anemometers that are in use for different purposes and have multifunctions. Let’s further discuss different types of an anemometer. 

Types Of Anemometer 

Before you buy anemometer for your usage, it’s important to understand the different types of anemometers. The other anemometers are classified based on wind velocity measurement and wind pressure. A few of them are: 

Cup Anemometer

This type of anemometer has four hemispherical cups that are mounted on one end of the horizontal arms on a vertical shaft. The cups in the device have such a placement that when the air passes through them, it makes the cup rotate. The cups rotate in such a way that it is proportional to the speed of the wind. After calculating the turns of cups in a period of time, it can calculate the average speed of the wind.  Educational institutions, meteorologists, researchers, etc use this type of anemometer. 

Hotwire Anemometer

Like a high voltage detector hot stick, this anemometer consists of a thin wire heated up to a certain temperature that is more than the atmosphere. As the wire cools down, the air flows past the wire. This is then used to calculate the velocity and relation between the resistance of a wire and the velocity of the wind.  Air conditioners, HVAC, and ventilation systems have hotwire anemometer in their system

Windmill Anemometer

This anemometer is a device that is quite similar to the typical windmill and is actually used to calculate the velocity of the wind. It mainly consists of the axis of rotation that is running parallel to the direction of the wind. It also has an aerovane as the direction of the wind is not constant and helps the axis change its direction. Windmill industries mostly use this instrument for calculations.

Ultrasonic Anemometer

Another anemometer used in industry is the ultrasonic anemometer. It basically comprises a sound emitter at one end and a receiver on the other end of the sampling volume. The ultrasonic anemometer measures the changing wind parameter with the help of the acoustic measuring principle. Wind power plants and meteorology departments generally use ultrasonic anemometers. 

Laser Doppler Anemometer

This anemometer measures the instantaneous velocity of the airflow and boasts a plethora of features. It consists of various components like no calibration requirement, non-intrusiveness, and its ability to measure the flow reversals. This anemometer is known for highly accurate measurements and high resolutions;  For example, river hydrology and jet engines use an anemometer.  

Applications Of Anemometers 

  • Different industries use anemometers to calculate the whole velocity magnitude and the velocity component, especially in a specific direction. Users can also use it to measure velocity magnitude on a flat plane. 
  • This instrument is available in different weather stations that range from humid equatorial areas to frigid arctic areas. The speed of the wind helps in analyzing the change within weather conditions like approaching storms. This makes it super significant for pilots, engineers, and climatologists. 
  • Professionals also use this device to measure the wind’s pressure, flow, and direction. One of the reasons why it is being used in RC planes and drones as it can verify the conditions beforehand. 
  • For many adventure sports activities like long-range shooting, sky diving professionals also prefer this device to calculate the velocity of the wind.  Aerodynamics subjects also use anemometers to measure airspeed. 

Benefits of Using Anemometer

Anemometer is a high-precision device that gives high accuracy results. This device requires very low maintenance and needs low power utilization too. It provides you with specific measurements even with low power consumption and supply. In fact, an anemometer is a single device that can measure multiple parameters like speed, velocity, direction, etc. The climate station of an area can detect accurate information related to wind and weather with an anemometer.


So, this was all about this magical device anemometer. This digital device comes in different sizes and shapes to suit additional requirements. Today, Anemometers are in use in most weather stations to measure wind speed and changing patterns in the weather. There are plenty of anemometers in the market. However, choose the one that promises you high performance, accurate results, and unique features.

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