All you need to know about preserved roses.

Roses are the most beautiful and adorable flowers on the planet. A bouquet of roses could be the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or festival.

But have you heard about preserved roses?

Preserved roses are a new way to share the joy and express your feelings to others.

These are real roses, preserved to maintain their freshness and beauty for a very long time. 

If you’ve heard about this for the first time, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll know everything about preserved roses in detail.

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are 100% natural roses that last up to a year or more without losing their petals. They keep their freshness as it is without feeding them with water or sunlight.

Due to their long-lasting feature, preserved roses are becoming the new luxury gifting item and becoming popular day by day. A standard flower bouquet lasts 7 to 12 days, while preserved flowers last for more than a year. And if taken care of, they may last up to three years. 

This makes preserved roses a popular choice among those who wish to be remembered by their loved ones for a long time.

How are roses preserved?

Preserved roses are gone through a preservation process to maintain their natural beauty and freshness without the need for sunlight or water.

These roses mostly come from Columbia and Ecuador farms. They are cut and processed when they are at their peak bloom to preserve that pristine state.

The preserved roses usually come in a box or a case of some kind due to their delicate nature. And it is advised to keep them in the box.

Preserved roses may look fake from far away, but actually, these are 100% real roses produced on farms, but the difference is the process they undergo. To preserve its natural beauty and freshness without the need for water and sunlight, the flower’s natural sap is extracted and replaced with some solutions based on components such as glycerine, water, and stabilizers.

To preserve the flowers properly, it’s critical that the roses are cut when they are most beautiful. Preserving roses is a process that is different from drying.

Drying the flower includes hanging them upside down for several days to dehydrate the petals and stem. Dried flowers can be used in a bouquet for a few days, but they lose their vibrant color, and petals become brittle.

How do you take care of preserved roses?

Most preserved flowers last up to a year, but if you take proper care, their life increases and can last up to 3 to 5 years!

5 tips to take care of your preserved roses:

  1. Technically these flowers are not alive therefore it is not good to treat them with water. This will damage the petals, and the flower will be destroyed.
  2. Do not put the preserved flower bouquet directly in contact with sunlight; doing so will ruin the flower. The petals will begin to dry due to dehydration, which will cause the plant’s death.
  3. Keep the preserved rose bouquet out of the humid environment. As discussed in the earlier point, water in a humid environment will cause damage to the flower. Therefore, avoid placing your flowers near humid areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.
  4. All types of roses are delicate, and so are the preserved roses. Don’t play with them, don’t press them, and keep them away from kids and pets. 
  5. Keep the flowers at room temperature to maintain freshness, neither in a humid environment nor at high temperatures. Do not put preserved rose bouquets near the window where direct sunlight comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are preserved roses real?

Yes, the roses are 100% naturally grown.

  • Do preserved roses have a scent?

During the preservation process, natural scent is taken away from the flower. However, some companies add artificial scents to them.

  • How do preserved roses last longer?

With a bit of care, you can make your roses last longer.

  • Limited touching
  • No water
  • No sunlight

Heating, air-conditioning, humidity, bending the petals, and spraying anything will affect these roses the most.


The global market for preserved flowers was estimated at around 382.89 million US dollars in 2020. 

This indicates that a large number of people prefer to give and accept preserved roses. You, too, can gift someone with preserved roses if you can’t think of something else. 

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