5 Common Mistakes Philadelphia Students And How It Fix?

Philadelphia Students is well known for its historical sites and it is also known for its education system.  Philadelphia Students are constantly trying to perform their best in essays and other assignments. Even though they can never manage to reach the level of professional essay writers, Philadelphia Students still is keen to learn how to improve their essay writing skills. This post will help them identify the most common mistakes they make and how to fix them.

Choosing the Wrong Essay Topic:

The first mistake Philadelphia students make is choosing the wrong essay topic. There are multiple reasons why they do it for example they are not well aware of the course itself or they are just confused about what topic to go for. This results in them either choosing a too broad or narrow topic for their essay. If they choose a very broad topic then the essay will lose its uniqueness. If they pick a very narrow topic then you will not find enough information because of limited research in that area.


Now the way to fix it is simple, do your research before choosing an essay topic. If you do your research before selecting a topic, you will choose a topic that is neither broad nor narrow. In fact, make a list of potential essay topics that you find interesting.

Start brainstorming ideas for the most suitable ideas for your essay topics. You have to make sure that the topic is interesting to you as well as to the reader. It has to be relevant, important, and unique.

Confusing Introduction with Conclusion:

The next common mistake that Philadelphian students make is confusing the introduction with the conclusion. When introducing their key factors they make it conclusive instead of introducing these factors. The introduction should hook your reader in, it should have a thesis statement as well.


The basic way to avoid this type of mistake is obviously to be well-versed with all the guidelines on how to write a conclusion and an introduction. Your introduction should capture the interests of the reader, it should have a thesis statement as well. Your introduction should create the basis for the entire essay. While the conclusion should summarize all the main points, it should also leave the reader with a message.

Committing Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a serious crime in the academic world but students are prone to commit it regardless of the risk. One of the biggest reasons why students plagiarize content is because they can not differentiate between what constitutes plagiarism and what are their university policies regarding plagiarism. Furthermore, some students fear failing which is why they choose to plagiarize content, some just want to pass the exams and some want to get the best grade.

In addition to this, a lot of students are struggling with time management and procrastination issues. Time management helps get tasks done within the set time frame (help with dissertation, 2020). But with poor time management skills, they can not write the essay at a steady pace.


There are multiple ways you can get rid of plagiarism, all you need to make is a little effort. Take note of the following:

  • Whenever you start your research keep track of the sources you are referring to.
  • Paraphrase or quote it from your sources. Remember to add your own ideas.
  • Give credit to the original author through an in-text citation and in your reference list.
  • Use a plagiarism checking tool and run your essay through it before submission.

Note Taking Help:

Every student needs help with their essay at least one time. There is no way that a student can manage it all by themselves. And it is alright because you can not be good at every topic or chapter. Students try to solve the problem by themselves and end up wasting time to no avail.


To fix this mistake you have to first understand when you need help. But this requires you to accept that there will be times when you make mistakes and that it is okay to seek help. After all, you can not be good at everything. Once you are through this then you can look for resources providing essay help in Philadelphia, it can be one of your peers or any academic help service.

Punctuation and Grammatical errors:

Students are prone to making grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in their essays (Redman & Maples, 2017) This is not just limited to the Philadelphian students either. Making structural errors along with punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors is a rather common mistake that students all around the world make.

There are a few reasons why this happens. Structural errors occur so often because of misjudgment from the student’s side. Maybe they think that certain data is important for their essay only to release later that it is irrelevant. The second reason why students make mistakes is that they do not understand the educational institute’s guidelines for essay writing or have simply not bothered to go through it.

When it comes to making spelling and grammatical errors, it can just be a result of their absent-mindedness or maybe because they are not good at spelling


The answer is simple – edit and proofread your essays. Editing will take care of every structural error and proofreading will correct all punctuational, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. This step is also referred to as the revision stage. It is the last thing you have to do before submitting your essay. You can edit the essay by yourself or be worth a friend. When it comes to proofreading, reading out your essay loudly will help you identify mistakes even better.


Now that you know what common mistakes Philadelphian students make in their essay writing and how to fix them, spread the word to those who want to know about this topic as well.


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