10 Ways to Sell Logo Design to a Skeptic

Whether for a school project, a sports club, or a business, symbols are pretty straightforward. These emblems are the imposing badges that define your brand’s uniform, personality, and inspiring intuitiveness. Brand logos are equally eloquent and can share a huge chunk of their fortes up front – with their stunning façades. Remember, an artistic representation of something that catches our attention at a glance. But sadly, some people overlook stuttering glimpses, ignoring the breathtaking piece of art.

Nothing breaks our hearts more than to see people who are disbelievers or artistry. How is it even possible to ignore the vivid elocution of things when it has so much to give than mere words? Besides, everyone loves to see creativity in the most concise way possible. And what other better way could be than those specific art arcs – logos? Even the 2D logo design services now develop eye-catching two-dimensional artwork. Imagine they step up their skills and services with its dominant precursor – 3D. It’s utterly unimaginable yet exciting and inspiring to the minds.

Imagine selling your best logo designing skills to a skeptic that scorns your artistic capacities. On top of that, frown at you foolishly as if it is you who’ve scored the foul. Please remain calm and do not fall to their level. Instead, uplift them with real-time logo design niceties. Soothe their temperaments with your striking logo designing concepts. Also, share some professional tips with them on improvising drawing/designing skills. We hope the tips for selling your logo to a cynic down below will help you substantially:

 Listen more, talk less

Zip up your lips if you’re talkative. Yes, we know it’s a daunting process, especially if you’re consistent with your vocals and conversations. Listen up! Now it’s time to become a watchful eavesdropper. So, if you wish to raise the bars of your talent instead of your voice, then this is it.

Therefore, be vigilant with all ears and brains when a skeptic shows up on your website or the desk. Carefully listen to their instructions and answer their concerns straightforwardly. See how they melt once you value them and their curious words. Good luck!

Share your creative logo ideas

Stop talking doesn’t mean you go mute for life – and ideas. Take your time and speak at the right moment to grab the opportunity. Have some great logo concepts in your mind before the gullible disbeliever of art confronts you.

Honestly, these people are not bad by heart, but by experience, trickery, and life harshness. Therefore, it’s better to have ideas and logo notions that resound with their cool concepts. It sure is a win-win situation for both parties.

Clarify the logo concepts

Eventually, you will see things getting resolved on their own. Your logo ideas and their instructions have certainly kindled a catalyst of inspiration. Now it’s the time to illuminate the doubters further with your breathtaking logo concepts. Ensure you present them in a forthright manner. Also, listening to their concerns can help you progress your logo philosophies with remarkable symbol niceties.

 Synchronize their thoughts with the Logo

So, your daily discussions and thoughtful meetings have been fruitful. The skeptics now realize that you can deliver a stunning logo design with immense skills and knowledge. But do not fall into the pits of your arrogance. Go skywards by taking their ideas with heart by using them in the logo design. Of course, it’s not mandatory to use their concepts if they lack ingenuity, but do add subtle hints to reassure them.

 Screencast a Logo Demo

This caption holds the secret to swaying a skeptic in one go. Go live with your computer screen and show them your artistic logo designing skills up front. Indeed, there’s no other better to hypnotize them than this one. Finally, they will know that you’re the real deal and have plenty of resourcefulness at your end.

 Show them your Portfolio

Another great way to convince a skeptic faithfully is by presenting them with your past projects. Let them skim through your best works and see how you’re doing lately. You can also share different logo design procedures via case studies. Indeed, this will help you to be skillfully trustworthy as much as possible.

 Connect them with previous buyers

Do not forget to search for your loyal customers that were once your best friends as clients. Undoubtedly, finding one can mean the world to you. You connect them with the cynics that feel you’re betraying them with a non-serious attitude. Besides, your age-old customers will enlighten these people to the next level. They will convey your logo design capacities to them clearly and conclusively.

 Be open to openhanded negotiation

Once you’ve impressed the skeptics, it’s for another great stance. Now you have to be generous when doing the deal with them. Do not drift away with boatloads of cash but have an unselfish attitude with an open heart.


Believe in God to fulfill your needs with little money and go with the flow. Of course, you will have your viewpoints to keep the balance. Besides, providing logos to doubting Thomas is like giving them a helping hand.


 Storify the logo with Whiteboard animation

Use storytelling to design a more influential logo design. Adding elusive narrative traces to the symbol can help you step up its entire outline. Also, it enables you to create a more elegant logo for people who think you don’t have the befitting skills to do it. Storytelling also makes you more creative in the fullness of time – and logo design completion.

 Impress them with off-the-cuff creativity

Do not forget to apply your inventive knack often. It works great when you design or retaliate against a cynic with a starkly confronting attitude. So, it’s better to make them stutter in their minds and feel guilty about their wrongdoings. But please don’t make things miserable for them. Swap the negative repercussions with your clever resourcefulness.

Craft an artisan logo out of the blue to make them realize their prejudiced liabilities. Please make them free birds by forgiving them and bestowing them with a breathtaking symbol.


Selling a logo design to a skeptic in itself is a success. But make sure you don’t deviate like them in your area. Take them into confidence with a positive attitude. The above headers are great to give you a head start. But our best advice to you is to understand the person and their background. Don’t jump to conclusions with an equally confronting attitude. Ensure you remain calm and classy, just like your logo creation flairs.


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