A large portion of Americans enjoy watching their favorite anime shows through Crunchyroll. Although the streaming service owned by Sony continues to be among the top platforms to watch anime, many Crunchyroll users are searching for alternatives since the streaming service stopped providing new episodes for free this spring. If you’re one of those who were Crunchyroll users looking for a place to stream free anime We’ve got the answer for you. Below are three top websites to stream free anime.

Where can I watch anime for free on the internet?


AniMixPlay is streaming site that gives an extensive library of anime and films for free. It has a vast collection of content, which can be searched and organized according to the popularity of the series, its type, release date and if it’s translated, AniMixPlay is not the host for most of the movies within its library. Instead, the site offers a list of content hosted on other websites.

It does not mean that clicking on any video on the website will not lead to an unidirectional redirect. Every anime or film is streamed immediately since the videos are hosted on the site themselves.

In accordance with We Have This covered the method lets AniMixPlay to stream a huge amount of anime without cost to its customers without being bombarded by advertisements. However, it is important to remember that ads are affixed to the individual video.


Zoro can be described as an online platform that lets you watch and download movies in high-quality without registration or fee. With a small number of ads on their website, Zoro claims that they are not infected by viruses or malware.

Zoro’s vast collection of anime includes old and new films from every genre like adventure, action, children fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, police comedy, school games, music and other genres. The site’s videos are available with English subtitles, or are dubbed in several languages.

Every video on Zoro are of high quality. Zoro even comes with a quality setting feature that lets users stream regardless of the speed of your Internet connection is. Downloading videos from Zoro is just as simple as streaming, which allows users to save any video to watch offline in the future.

While they offer a no-cost service, Zoro has a customer care department that is in full-time operation 24 hours a day, which users can reach out to for assistance in fixing broken links or uploading required content.

Prime Video

The ability to stream anime films and series with Prime Video is free provided you are a subscriber for Amazon Prime. Similar to Crunchyroll or Netflix, Prime Video also has a huge range of anime including new releases, classics and even exclusive ones.

Anime movies and series that are available on Prime Video can also be downloaded. In order to download Prime Video titles for offline watching, you’ll need an Fire tablet or Prime Video app for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows 10.

If you’re interested in watching the latest anime episodes through Prime Video but don’t want to sign up for Amazon Prime, you can join separately to Prime Video for just $8.99 per month.

Is Crunchyroll available for free when you sign up for Amazon Prime?

If you’re an owner of an Amazon Prime subscription, you are entitled to a 30 day free trial period of Crunchyroll. To benefit from this offer, you must to connect the Amazon Prime account to a free Twitch account. You can then claim an Twitch loot box for the trial period of 30 days for Crunchyroll.

If you do not possess the Amazon Prime subscription You can still avail an initial 14-day trial period of Crunchyroll by signing up on the Crunchyroll website and selecting the premium membership that you would like to try beginning at $7.99 monthly.

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