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What is Real 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Silver is one of the finest metals in the market, strong, valuable, lustrous, and glittering. Ornaments made up of silver are often preferred by the rich.

Jewelry of pure silver contains 99% of silver in it and around 1% of copper, when it comes to 925 sterling silver jewelry then metal contains about 92% of pure silver and the rest is copper, that’s what is called 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Silver is a soft metal, and it’s hard to mold and shape because of its softness, when other metals such as copper are added to silver jewelry it makes the whole dynamic strong and thus helps shape the silver jewelry perfectly as copper makes the metal hard.

Adding copper helps 925 silver become stronger and shape it better, a wide population around the world often prefers 925 sterling silver jewelry and ornaments over pure silver.

Sterling silver might be having just 92% of silver content in it, but it’s one of the most expensive metals. 925 sterling silver ranks 4th on the list of most expensive metals in the world. Sterling silver is an alloy of 2 metals that gives it a glittering look and goes well with the skin.

Many Hollywood actresses prefer wearing sterling silver, cubic zirconia fashion rings, 18k gold plated sterling silver, and 925 sterling silver earrings are some of the most popular sterling silver jewelry worn and demanded by women all around the world.

So now you know what is a real 925 sterling silver jewelry and know better how you would identify it as it has 92% of silver and the rest is copper or some other metal.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is not cheap

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is not as cheap as you may think after knowing its properties of it having just 92% of pure silver, but its to be noted that the silver ingredient is still pure and an alloy of two metals that gives it strength.

Sterling silver jewelry has luster, can be shaped perfectly, and is more durable when compared to 100% pure silver jewelry. So if you’re looking for jewelry that is pure, and long-lasting then going ahead with 925 silver jewelry can be a good option for you. Whether you wish to buy a silver sterling ring, necklace, pendant, or earrings you know that it’s going to hit your pockets hard.

925 sterling silver ornaments have been used in various cultures from ancient times, it’s observed that wearing silver sterling ornaments or jewelry can help prevent cold and fule, increase blood circulation, and are a good handy investment.

When compared to pure gold, 18k or 24k gold 925 sterling silver is more affordable, lustrous, and strong, So it can well replace your gold ornaments with its elements.

Identifying Real From Fake

At times you also need to be aware of fake silver jewelry in the market, that is sold in the name of real silver, to be honest, silver sterling is still cheaper than gold but false prices in the market make you pay more, there is a need to be aware of such black marketing practices. That is why is always advised to have proper knowledge of silver sterling measures as this can help you save time and effort saving yours from any unfortunate fraud.

  1. Rub Test: Take a cloth that is white in color then rub it on the silver you have. After softly rubbing for a few whiles if you get a dark color on the cloth. This means the silver is pure.
  2. The Nitric Acid Test: Fake silver ornaments and jewelry lose their shine. And luster when nitric acid is sprinkled on them. On the other hand, nitric acid has no effect on 925 silver sterling. So trying a nitric acid test is a good way to know the purity of silver. But make sure to wear gloves while performing the test.
  3. Magnet Test: Metals such as silver, gold, and platinum are not attracted to magnets. As these metals are highly resistant to magnetic attractions. If the jewelry gets attracted to the magnet means it is not pure silver.
  4. Smell Test: This is one of the most simple tests, real silver jewellery does not smell. If you find some smells then there are too much of other metals mixed with it.

These were a few genuine tricks to identify fake silver and pure silver.

Best 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry In The USA

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