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How to Style a Hoodie and Fitting Advice

How a hoodie should Fit

The humble hoodie is a garment that speaks loud but does very little. It’s a sartorial shapeshifter. It’s the uniform of the comfort-led, outcasts in all American drama series circa 2000. American clothing company Champion created the hoodie as a way for athletes to stay warm and dry in cold weather. It’s now a fashion-approved expression of casual style.

The hoodie, no matter who you are or what it says about you, is the most comfortable piece in your wardrobe. They are very popular and loved. We keep repeating that if you feel confident and love the hoodie, you will look great. A hoodie three sizes too large and falling below your knees is not a great choice unless you are Justin Bieber or an expert streetwear designer. Here are some tips from Luke McDonald, Thread stylist to make sure your hoodie fits perfectly.


“Go for the goldilocks option. It’s right in the middle. It should not be too loose or too baggy. A hoodie should be comfortable to move in, as sportswear is part of its DNA.They should be practical, comfortable, and not bulge around the midsection like a Kangaroo pocket. It should be tight enough to keep its shape, but not droop. You should sit securely where the ribbing is located, i.e. around the wrist and hips.


Your hoodie should be positioned above your trouser fly. This looks the best proportionally. Your legs will appear shorter if your hoodie gets too long.


“The sleeves need to sit at the wrist, around where the cuff of a shirt would. You don’t want it to go over your hands.”


“It shouldn’t be super loose around your neck so you’re showing lots of chest. Luckily, you can use the drawstrings to adjust.”

Tips to Style a Hoodie

These style tips will help you brainstorm fashionable hoodie outfits.

  1. Color is important

    To accent your outfit, use the color of your hoodie. A neutral black, brown or white supreme hoodie can be paired with the right accessories (such as luxury jewelry) to create a sophisticated and high-end look. For a more playful look, choose vibrant colors that stand out and make a statement. This guide will show you how to accessorize various looks.

  2. Layer under a jacket

    Layering a large pullover supreme hoodie underneath a jacket is a great way to keep warm. For streetwear inspired casual style, cover your hoodie in a bomber jacket and complete the look with straight-leg jeans and white sneakers, the ones from Del Toro Shoes would be perfect. For a classic look, a trench coat or a blazer are all options. You can also pair the same outfit with a peacoat, a peacoat, or denim jacket. For a unique look, wear an oversized hoodie under a black leather jacket with combat boots.

  3. Accessorize your look

    To add style and personality to your outfit, accessorize with stylish sunglasses and hoop earrings. You can mix and match jewelry, hats and scarves to create a look that matches your hoodie.

  4. Athleisure is a way to be comfortable and stylish

    Athleisure, which brings also  trendy athletic clothes out of the gym, prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style. The fashion supreme jacket and hoodie are perfect for this look. As the base of your outfit, style also red supreme hoodie over a crew-neck T. (Choose a black hoodie for a sleek look.) These tops can be paired with leggings, joggers or a tennis skirt or athletic skort. If you’re an MMA fighter, you can buy mma hoodies for sale that match your sport and will keep you warm during your training.

  5. Zip-up hoodies look best unzipped

    A classic combination that has remained fashionable through decades of fashion cycles is an open-zip-up hoodie over plain T-shirts. A pullover hoodie also is a better choice if you don’t plan to zip your hoodie. The zipper teeth at the bottom of a pullover hoodie give it a more sleek look than a zip-up hoodie.

  6. Parka Jacket with Supreme Hoodie

    Pair a hoodie and a parka jacket to protect yourself from the cold, wind, rain, or cold this winter. This combination is not only practical and warm, but can also look stylish and modern. Keep it modern and clean to achieve the perfect look. A black hoodie and a black parka will give the look a more subtle touch. For a casual, smart look, pair the outfit with tailored trousers or drawstring pants.

  7. Denim jacket with Supreme hoodie

    A hoodie and a denim jacket are a great way to create a casual yet cool look. You can pick from many denim jacket options, but a blue option is the best and will suit most styles. For a casual and stylish look, pair the jacket with a grey or white hooded sweatshirt. Finish your look also with some skinny jeans, and some sneakers.

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