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Latest Wooden Door Design For Home in 2022

Wooden Door Design: When you renovate or make a new house you give importance to each thing. You try your best to decorate your house in the most modern and unique way. When you reach the interior of your house, give equal importance to the selection of your door designs. You guys all know that a door is a fundamental unit of your house.

It does the job of protection and security. It keeps you safe from the harm of the outside world. If you choose door designs with full concentration it can add an extraordinary look to your home. In this article, we are going to discuss the best wooden door design for home. So let’s get into the details.

Wooden Door Design 2022:

Modern Exterior Main Entrance Wood Door Double Wooden Entry Doors Design with Side Lites - China Front Wood Door, Entry Wood Door | Made-in-China.com

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These doors give a very aesthetic look to your house. It catches the attention of the viewer. Additionally, it is seen that for the past many years they are in trend and not getting out of fashion.  New modern designed houses are coming with wooden doors. Given below are some ideas that you can keep in mind while making your house. Let’s have a glance at them.

1- Wooden Double Door Design For Entrance:

Exterior Hinged Modern Teak Wood Double Door, For Home, Rs 350 /square feet | ID: 22656875733

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For the main door, you can go for double door designs that are made with teak wood. This wood is alluringly carved and gives a very eye-catching look to your entrance.  It gleams the grace of your house and one plus point is that it is a very hard door. If you want to make your home secure go for it.

2- Glass Panelled Door Design:

Ash Wood Glass Panel Door Hpd451 - Glass Panel Doors - Al Habib Panel Doors | Wooden main door design, Glass panel door, Fiberglass exterior doors

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It is designed with carved wood along with glass panels and it gives a ravishing look together. It is a kind of designer wooden door design. Your floor designs go amazing with such doors. It is a very beautiful design.

3- Subtle white doors:

If you have a small courtyard in front of your main door then white color doors are elegant. The simple and neat white doors with white windows make a statement. This endearing view grabs the attention of visitors.

4- Classical Royal Wooden Doors:

20 Doors ideas | door design, door design interior, doors

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If you want to give a royal and vintage look to your entrance then the Arabian classical door designs are great options. The wood is carved in Arabian style and four arches are made. The graceful golden border at the bottom adds more beauty to your entrance.

5- Glass and Teak Wood together for Front Door:

If you join glass and teak wood together for wooden door designs then it will give an outstanding look to your entrance. When the frosted glass is added to your double door designs it gives a very aesthetic and creative look. No one would be able to ignore such a marvelous design. So you can for sure choose this design.

6- African Wooden Door Design:

Everyone wishes to have Wooden door designs for their home but they want to get unique and elegant designs. One of the simple and aesthetic designs is an African wooden door. If we talk about its details then it is made with hardwood of high quality. There are small arches in it. This door doesn’t require high maintenance and is durable. In Asia also these doors are in trend.

7- Rosewood Door:

One of the top wooden door designs that is simple yet elegant is the rosewood door. It is a highly recommended door because of its beauty and simplicity. This door is enriched with architrave detailings.

Moreover to enhance its beauty white panels are added to this door. This grabs the attention of the visitors. You can choose this design with a blindfold on your eyes.

8. Interior Door Designs:

Interior doors are a must part of your home as they provide privacy to your rooms. When choosing the interior door designs make sure that they go well with interior décor. Be careful with the color pallet of your doors. Keep in mind that if you have chosen a wooden door design and want to mix it with glass then make sure it is opaque.

Final Verdict:

Wooden door designs of your accommodation are very important from all aspects. They are functional as well as they exhibit the choice of residents. So it should be selected wisely. In this article, we gave you many ideas for wooden door design for the home. Hope you like them.

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