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Who are the owners and developers of New Metro City?


New Metro City Gujar Khan is an upcoming real estate project of BSM Developers that is owned by Malik Bilal Bashir, grandson of Malik Riaz Hussain, who owns by Bahria Town. Malik Bilal Bashir is making a very beautiful and modern housing society near Sarai Alamgir. The new metro city offers Residential and Commercial plots on three years easy instalment plan. New Metro city providing international living standards to people Sarai Alamgir and kharian. Metro city ideally located on main GT Road between Kharian and Sarai Alamgir in district Gujrat. New Metro City mostly interacts with the Overseas Community, Gujrat’s living district. BSM Developers are doing development work in no time.

Owners & Developers

Bilal Bashir Malik is the rightful owner of this housing scheme, which the BSM Developers is working upon. Furthermore, the owners of this real estate project are prominent for their superiority in work and other magnificent real estate ventures like the New Metro City Kharian. Apart from that, a talented team of the designers and architects have been hired, as the developers are famous for their hard work and for constructing quality real estate ventures. This is the only main reason that the investors have already built their trust in this real estate venture. In the end, investment in this real estate venture would assist future inhabitants in achieving a high-quality lifestyle.

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BSM Developers can also be labeled as a force to be reckon with, as the entire organization is quickly making their way in the Real Estate sector. The developers are already churning out successful real estate projects one after the other. Indeed, they are following a legacy that began with Gwadar Golf City and Bilal Steel Mills. One of their best accomplishments includes a Smart Real estate venture that truly depicts the heritage and culture of Pakistan. New Metrocity Gujar Khan is located at the Main GT road, while the other one is located at Sarai Alamgir. Both these housing project are going to be the most luxurious and elite real estate ventures that have captured the consideration of every real estate inventor in the entire country as well as internationally.


The mission of the BSM developers is to entail supporting consumers and investors in coming up with the best Real estate investment decisions by giving proper guidance and years of informed experience. Going for every opportunity in an optimistic manner, the entire organization stives to be one of the best source of talent, evidence, and possessions for their patrons and themselves.


The developers aim to transform the entire company into one of the primary developers of spotlessly designed, sustainable housing. And commercial luxury real estate ventures to attain the highest global standard in the real estate sector. 


The company aims to strengthen their work with honesty, modernization, and motivation to outclass in all what they do, make pledges. Follow through on them, and are answerable to them. They aim to go through extra mile with their positive energy.


New Metro City Gujar Khan and Kharian are going to be the most luxurious commercial project in the respective districts. The only aim behind developing such elite real estate ventures is to provide a state-of-the-art luxurious lifestyle to the inhabitants and other investors. Some of the important features of these real estate ventures are luxurious facilities, affordable payment plans and perfect location. As of now, the plots are available for sale could in both the housing projects. So, Estate Land Marketing highly endorses this as a tremendous opportunity for investment in both these real estate ventures. If you want to learn more about other lucrative real estate projects, you may visit out office.

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