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Using Wall Murals to Decorate Your Walls

If you have a room that lacks visual interest, wall murals are a great choice for bringing in an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. Choosing a mural that will complement the color scheme, theme, and feeling of a room is essential for adding visual interest and character to your room. Make sure to choose an original, interesting wall mural. Once you have chosen the style and color scheme, the next step is to choose the mural.

Artistic style

There are several ways to use artistic style wall murals to decorate your walls. These murals are popular in retirement homes, schools, and public buildings. They can help create a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you’re using them to decorate your home or a public building, these murals can enhance the overall look of your space. Here are a few of the ways to use this style of mural:

Sponge painting: This technique creates depth and texture in your murals. It can fill large areas in an easy way. To use the sponge technique, wet the sponge and dip it into the paint. Blot off excess paint with paper towels. Make sure not to use too much paint or the effect will be ruined. Then, apply a protective varnish to the mural. When it’s dry, the mural will be ready to hang.


The price of wall murals is a complex issue. The cost of a custom mural may be much more than a printed version. Moreover, hand-painted murals are often difficult to install in difficult places, such as double-story walls or narrow entryways. The process of purchasing a custom mural may require a few weeks and may require heavy equipment. In addition, the process of selecting a design can be challenging if you are not sure how much you can spend.

The price of a custom mural depends on the size of the mural. Many mural providers charge by square footage, so a mural larger than 2×3 feet will cost more than a smaller mural. However, there are ways to reduce the cost of a custom mural. For example, you can choose a simpler design, such as a small four-by-eight-foot mural, and save money on the cost of the mural. In addition, some artists charge by the day, so you can estimate the price of a mural based on the number of days it will take to complete the work. However, if the surface is porous, additional materials may be needed, which will also increase the cost of the mural.


When you want to hang a wall mural in your home, you need to think about its size. You can find murals in full height and half-height sizes. The murals are then trimmed to fit the dimensions of the wall. In the event that you have a curved wall, you should measure it to ensure that it will be the right height for your space. You should also consider the angles of the wall when choosing the size of the mural.

A large wall mural can accommodate several design elements, but the less is more approach always works best. While a large mural can incorporate more details, it is still a good idea to stick to the basic message: make your sign easy to read and remember. A good sign should be easy to read and use plenty of white space. A large wall mural provides the space for bold, eye-catching designs. Whether you go with a classic art mural or a contemporary one, there are many options to fit the size of your space.


There are a number of different factors that determine the proper placement of wall murals. The first and most obvious factor is the type of wall surface you have. While a mural can be installed on a variety of surfaces, it will stick better on a smooth, flat surface. A rough wall will not support the adhesive as well, so it is important to plaster the wall before applying the mural. In most cases, you can use a spray-on wallpaper paste.

Another factor to consider when choosing the location of wall murals is the type of work environment. Some offices are open plan, and wall murals can create distinct work zones. Others are situated in rooms with lots of windows, and murals can create a distinct feel for each area. If your workspace is relatively open, a mural that is long enough to be seen from the entrance will serve as an effective divider between work areas.

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