Google Drive Benefits for University Students & Precautions

What Is Google Drive Exactly?

We will start simply because we have heard that some individuals get Google terms jumbled up. Google Drive is, at its most basic level, an online file vault where you may store papers and other digital data. Consider the word “Drive” in the same way you may think of your computer’s hard drive, only it’s cloud-based, meaning it resides online. Therefore, you may upload a file to Google Drive from your home pc, and then log in to the same file from your work computer. It can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Consider Google Drive similar to Dropbox in terms of functionality.

But this is when Google Drive starts to hurt Dropbox’s butt: You both have access to a selection of tools for creating things once you’re inside Google Drive. Many of these are similar to tools you may already be familiar with:

  • Google Docs is an online word processor (like Microsoft Word).
  • Google Slides is a presentation software program (like PowerPoint).
  • Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program (like Excel).
  • Google Form is a tool for creating surveys (like SurveyMonkey).

Drive isn’t simply a storage space; it’s also a place where you can create new stuff. This implies you and your students may use the same platform to complete any writing project, take tests and quizzes, and make slideshow presentations.

By the way, you’ve almost certainly heard about Google Classroom. This is yet another fantastic application that enables teachers to form student courses, collect and mark assignments, share files, and interact in a secure environment. Sthatols who use Google Classroom still do a lot of their work in Google Drive, but Classroom gives teachers an extra lathe year of structure.


Everything has advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some things whose benefits are so great that they overwhelm the disadvantages and render them meaningless (PTTMCO).

  1. It’s completely free.

It’s a no-brainer on this one. It’s no surprise that schools are perpetually cash-strappe. Google Drive, as well as its built-in tools, are completely free. Instead of purchasing a perpetual license for Microsoft Office tools for your entire school and paying for it year after year, you could simply utilize the capabilities in Google Drive for free. And instead, students can hire services like pay someone to write my assignment for better results.

  1. It is compatible with all operating systems.operating systems

Drive is web-based so that you can use it on a Mac, PC, iPad, Chromebook, or any other device. This implies that a student can use a school iPad to start a new Google Doc on Monday, then go home that evening and continue to work on the same file on his mother’s laptop. When you bring your class to the computer room on Tuesday, he’ll be able to pick up exactly where he left off.

And on Wednesday, when he has to make a few more adjustments, he can use one of the two Chromebooks you have in your classroom to complete his work. There will be no flash drives available. No sending files to yourself through email. It’s all done on the cloud, which is great for schools with a jumble of digital gadgets, a hybrid BYOD plan, or any other resource constraints.

  1. It’s ideal for group projects.ideal for group projects

Every tool in Drive comes with built-in collaboration features that let many users work on the same document, add comments inside the margins, or simply let others peek at what they’re working on. And partners can be from all over the world…different states, even different countries. This means that students can collaborate not just with their classmates, but also with students all around the world. The options are limitless.

  1. It’s a paperless system.paperless system

Without printing a single page, projects can be finished, shared, and remarked on. You can print if you like, but you don’t have to. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of ink, running out of paper, waiting in lines at the printer, or even “my dog ate it.”

  1. It will save itself.

Google automatically saves your content as you work. You never have to worry about missing to save your work and missing everything if your computer freezes or the power goes out if you work in Google Drive. Any changes you made in the previous half-second were already saved. This function is nothing short of phenomenal when it pertains to working with children. And even if you miss it last minute you can always hire a statistics homework writing service.

  1. It prepares students for college and careers.prepares students for college

Knowing how to use Google Drive and its affiliated apps are becoming much more prevalent in companies and collegiate settings, therefore knowing how to do so fluently can save your students time when they enter those areas. Students may simply transfer their expertise functioning in a cloud-based setting to other platforms, even if their organizations do not use Google products.

Is it worth it to use Google Drive? – Concluding!

worth it to use Google Drive

If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Office regularly but is tired of the price tag, Google Drive can be a terrific option. It’s also a great free choice if you can remain inside the 15 GB storage limit. Teams who just need to communicate and edit in real-time will benefit from working together in Drive.

Your crew will have a quicker, more effective method to edit and a welfare state should you need it, with the option to view all previous changes, offer editing suggestions, and entirely revise documents knowing that former versions can be restore rather than being lost permanently (Devan Ciccarelli).

Students can use Google Drive to construct slideshows or scientific papers, both of which should done with the help of preloaded templates. Just keep in mind that Google Drive works best when you have access to the internet.

If you cannot discover a solid and depend signal, you will be Trappe in offline mode, which will not give you the real-time benefits you want. If you don’t switch to Offline mode, your interface may delay while it tries to connect. Google Drive is a solid alternative to consider for most people, especially those that already use Office tools.


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