All You Need To Know About Temporary Occupation License

Many state properties and land are not immediately available for use after development. You can make them useful for economic purposes during the interim. Temporary Occupation License (TOL): This temporary license is provided by state land rules to acquire land temporarily. However, the license holder must comply with all terms and conditions set by the collector.

The state land authority of Singapore (SLA), provides the land through tenancy agreements and temporary occupation licenses. The most popular examples of under-renewable TOL include signage, show flats, landscaping, and other areas that are available for rent in Singapore. A temporary occupation license requires that applicants know several important things. This guide will cover all the essential facts and details about the TOL.

What’s a Temporary Occupation License (TOL)?

A Temporary Occupation License is issue by SLA to temporarily use State land or to prevent minor encroachment from private property onto State land.

Only if the Singapore authorities issue a temporary license, multiple entities or individuals may provide land for temporary purposes. To grant individuals the ability to obtain the temporary occupation license, the Singapore authorities must provide the temporary license. The Singapore government and Singapore’s land authority have also imposed regulations regarding the use of the land.

What happens when TOL expires?

  • If your temporary occupation permit expires or if the state authority doesn’t prove your request for renewal,
  • In such an instance, the equipped land will return by the relevant authority. The respective owners will have to terminate equipping the land. If the temporary occupation license expires and the holders continue to occupy the land then they will be consider squatters or trespassers. For violation, a squatter can be sue.
  • All rights to land that were grant to their respective holders regarding its use will END automatically
  • All property, except temporary-based properties, that were built prior to the permission of the temporary occupancy license will be transfer to the state authorities.

What rights do TOL holders have prior to/post expiry of TOL?

Before Expiry

  • Any individual or company can hold the license. The temporary rights to the land are granted until the expiry date of the temporary occupation permit. Any other person or business entity who violates the land’s rights is also entitled to legal action. This includes taking legal action against previous holders.
  • The temporary license holder is allowed to rent out or give tenancy to the other party for the duration of the temporary license. The holder of the license must initiate civil proceedings against potential tenants, including eviction orders and distress.

Post Expiry

  • After the expiry date of the temporary occupation license, all temporary occupation license rights will cease. Only the temporary occupation license holder will have the right to temporarily equip the land until the expiry date of the temporary occupational license.
  • The license does not confer any legal or equitable rights on the holder. The license holder cannot take legal action against an authority for refusing to renew the license. He also cannot take action against another holder who has equipped the same land for expenses incurred during the term of the license.

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Terms and conditions for Temporary Occupation License

The following are the most important terms that apply to temporary occupation license areas:

  • The land revenue collector or one of his authorized officers might enter the land for inspection purposes or other reasons.
  • Without the written consent of the collector, the approved license or tenancy cannot be transfer to or assigned to another party.
  • The license or tenancy will automatically be terminatE or transferred upon death of the license holder, or tenant.
  • The temporary tenant or license holder of the building is not allow to rent the land out to third parties or persons for whom the license was provided without written permission from the collector.
    • Without permission from the collector, license holders cannot add or construct any part of the land.
  • Without the prior approval of the collector of land revenue, no license holder nor tenant is allow to sign any advertisement agreement or hoarding that may be place on the land.
  • No license holder, tenant or landlord is allow to build a permanent structure during the temporary occupation license.

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