How Agile and Automation Drive Increased Outsourcing of Software Development

Organizations have been using global service delivery models for years to get cheaper services at scale, whether or not they are outsourced. This meant that locations such as India, Poland, Philippines, and more, which offered a large talent pool of attractive salaries, pioneered and dominated services location decisions. Nowadays, aspects like digital business, interactive methods, automation, and sociopolitical changes have increased the demand for web development outsourcing services, showing that location decisions are no longer black-and-white.

Agile and Automation Drive

Nearly all web development outsourcing companies are increasing their services portfolio to meet the new demands of a new, and highly interconnected world that demands software at scale and at greater speed. Chief among the top drivers driving demand for software development outsourcing is th indeed for organizations to deliver software faster and with top quality, which means employing top-tier talent. 

Modern IT and business process organizations must be able to get their people, resources, technologies, and services with no geographic barriers. In today’s market, global talent pools are expanding. The challenge is to identify the right software development company that aligns with your unique business needs and offers the right combination of engagement models that suit the pace and quality demands of your software projects. 

As enterprises increasingly move and adopt to Agile methodologies to build and implement software at speed, it’s important to find  software development company that delivers Agile development with colocated teams that can interact in real time. Given the nature of Agile, teams need to share as much as possible in the same workday to enable collaboration and effective iterative processes, which is driving an increased demand for nearshore web development services. 

It’s worth mentioning that not all Agile projects require proximity sensitivity especially given the fact that software outsourcing companies are getting better and better at remote infrastructure management, application monitoring, and efficient communication that strategically meet the realities of the modern world which is now almost entirely remote or hybrid in the IT sphere. 

For example, services that are stable, predictable and can be easily documented have a low need for interaction and in principle, are well-suited to being performed froma distance, which should be determined by your custom web software development strategy. 

As enterprises respond to modern demands to stay dynamic and reconfigure IT sourcing models, software development companies need to robustly embrace this momentum and invest in multiple delivery capabilities in all geographies to cater to different time zones. 

The need to find the right skills and capabilities to help businesses on their digital business journey is another thing that is making the demand for web development outsourcing IT and business services grow. Standard IT skills like JavaScript or.NET may be widely available, but highly sought-after skills like analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience design, and master data management may not be. Businesses need to find these skills where they are. In the same way, there is a high demand for serving customers and/or clients in their own language and having specific process and domain skills. This means that the locations that can provide these things need to be put first.

In addition to Agile, there’s also the topic of highly-disruptive technical forces such as automation which is completely reshaping the way company software segments grow and evolve. Automation is quickly taking over many simple tasks such as password resets or login issues, and it’s important to partner with a software development company who is proficient in employing automation where needed. 

Selecting the right software development company can lead to success, choosing wrongly can be disastrous. Word of advice? Reconcile your collaborative, flexible agile software development culture with the proven processes and engagement models of software outsourcing companies who embrace Agile and automation to deliver value. 

Nearly always, web development outsourcing helps save money, but most importantly, it makes IT operations more efficient and frees up IT staff to work on more strategic grow-and-transform projects that make the business more valuable.

Svitla Systems gives you the option of using tailor-made software development services, developed with the most effective approach in mind for your projects. For Svitla Systems, what matters is ensuring that clients release to market a quality product that meets all of their specifications. Svitla zeroes in on the optimal strategy for achieving client goals, from employing Agile’s industry best practices and methodology to handpicking and deploying a team of specialists to assist you at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

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