Five Problems iTop VPN Solves

Usability is the number one factor to look at when getting a VPN. Usability factors in other attributes like functionality, convenience, and flexibility. A usable VPN will offer you the best service when browsing.

iTop VPN claims to be the best VPN in the market. Considering its good reviews, it is easy to see where the claim comes from. A look at its usability will show us just how good it is. We will look at this feature from a different standpoint; the problems it solves.

1. Restricted Content

We have all dealt with geo-restrictions, which means you cannot access content on the internet due to your location. It is a frustrating scenario that iTop VPN will sort. You can create a private network and access different networks, courtesy of its many servers.

If you use the free plan, you can access only 16 servers, which is a decent number. On the other hand, you can access over 1800 servers when you go premium. With such a significant number of servers worldwide, you do not have to worry about geo-restrictions. Additionally, you can use this VPN’s services, regardless of your location.

2. Forgetting Passwords

We need passwords to secure various accounts. You might have several accounts, making it easy to forget your password. This should not bother you anymore, as this VPN for Windows provider also has the DualSafe password manager feature.

The password manager comes in handy when you want to create a password, giving you a secure suggestion that it will store for you. No need to struggle to remember your passwords. It can store unlimited passwords.

Additionally, the DualSafe password manager can monitor online activity that tries to get your passwords and shields you from such breaches.

3. Annoying Ads

Ads can be pretty annoying, as they can cause several windows to open or may block the content you are viewing. Bid goodbye to the annoying ads, courtesy of iTop VPN’s ad blocker. The ad blocker will keep away the ads for a satisfactory surfing experience. You can use Allowlist to customize the filters to allow ads on certain sites.

4. Malware Attacks

Viruses, trojan horses, worms, and other malicious programs constantly prey on internet users, waiting to strike computer systems. Malware attacks can be pretty challenging to handle and will risk the safety and integrity of data on the computer.

This iTop product is the answer to such threats. Its robust architecture contributes to its efficiency in keeping malware attacks at bay.

5. Phishing And Data Leaks

You should not worry about phishing and data leaks. Phishing is where some sites and programs try to access your data without your consent. The anti-phishing feature works together with the anti-tracker to prevent such problems.

The kill switch will have your back against data leaks, especially in vulnerable situations, like a broken connection. The kill switch automatically blocks all internet traffic in this scenario.


We can see the many problems that iTop VPN can solve. It is safe to say that it ranks high in usability, justifying its claim as one of the best VPNs in the market. Now enjoy the free download VPN for PC or mobile now.

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